Types of Costs in Accounting

 Types of Costs in Accounting Dissertation


Chapter you: Introduction to Computers


1 . Because computers be a part of everyday activities, many people believe that _____ is/are vital to success. a. | computer programming| c. | computer restore

b. | computer literacy| d. | all of the above

2 . Computer systems process _____.

a. | data in to information| c. | info into instructions

b. | information into data| g. | recommendations into data

3. _____ is/are the steps that inform the computer how you can perform a particular task. a. | Data| c. | Instructions

b. | Information| d. | Documentation

4. All of the subsequent are traditionally used input products except the _____. a. | key pad and mouse| c. | digital camera and PC video camera| w. | mic and scanner| d. | printer and monitor

five. The _____ is a tiny handheld type device that controls the movement of the small mark on the screen called the pointer. a. | keyboard| c. | scanner

n. | mouse| d. | microphone

6th. A _____ is a great input device that converts printed material to a form the computer may use. a. | mouse| c. | mic

b. | keyboard| g. | reader

7. Each of the following can be described as commonly used result device besides _____. a. | a printer| c. | a scanner

b. | a monitor| d. | loudspeakers

8. The circuitry of the system product usually is definitely part of or is connected to a signal board called the _____. a. | fatherboard| c. | brotherboard

b. | motherboard| m. | sisterboard

Figure 1-3

9. Storage like the hard drive in Determine 1-3 retains _____ to get future employ. a. | data| c. | info

b. | instructions| g. | all the above

10. A _____ is a lightweight storage device which includes much greater storage area capabilities compared to a floppy drive, but is definitely small and light-weight enough to be transported over a keychain or in a pocket. a. | Scoot disk| c. | Nand memory disk

b. | hard disk| d. | DVD

14. A hard hard disk drive provides very much _____.

a. | less storage capacity than a CD

w. | significantly less storage capacity than the usual USB flash drive

c. | better storage capacity compared to a CD yet less than a USB flash drive| d. | greater memory space than a USB flash drive

12. A widely used conversation device is a _____.

a. | modem| c. | USB flash drive

b. | CD drive| g. | DIGITAL VIDEO DISC drive

13. A calculating phrase — known as _____ — points out that the accuracy of a computer's output depend upon which accuracy of the input. a. | everything you see is exactly what you get| c. | nothing embarked, nothing gained| b. | garbage in, garbage out| d. | better safe than apologies

14. Each of the following will be advantages of applying computers apart from _____. a. | speed| c. | communications

m. | impact on labor force| d. | consistency

Physique 1-5

12-15. On a network, the major difference between the server (like the main one in Physique 1-5) and client computer systems is that the hardware ordinarily offers _____. a. | fewer power, fewer storage space, and decreased interaction capabilities| b. | significantly less power, less storage space, nevertheless expanded conversation capabilities| c. | good luck, more storage place, but reduced communication capabilities| d. | more power, even more storage space, and expanded communication capabilities

18. People around the globe use the Internet to _____.

a. | communicate with and meet other people| c. | access causes of information and leisure| n. | look for goods and services| deb. | each of the above

seventeen. In _____, people can easily communicate with multiple users concurrently — much like a group discussion. a. | e-mail| c. | a chat room

b. | instant messaging| d. | file transfer

18. An internet site is _____.

a. | a collection of related Web pages

w. | the positioning from which an online page originates

c. | the source of any Web page

g. | a writer of a Web page

19. You interact with a plan through its...

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