Tourism Marketing Plan Southern region Korea

 Tourism Marketing Plan To the south Korea Essay

Executive brief summary

Southern Korea is usually known as " the land of the morning calm” features so many natures best to give its site visitors. Coming from a nation that has multiple thousand years history would certainly create a deep desire wondering its tale. Targeting Malaysian to To the south Korea would be rather an easy task due to the positive aspects they have in common. Malaysia a warm paradise can be home for a large number of hundreds multi-colored celebrations and festivals (About Malaysia 2012). Malaysian generally likes character and To the south Korea has a upper hand with its four seasons tours having a wonderful mountain range and waterways demography. Malaysian is very very well exposed with Korean export products as they include companies like Samsung, LG and Hyundai dominating industry board. The Korean dramas and the Appear industry have got caught a few attention to the Malaysian people. Recently, Korean language rapper's strike song " Gangnam Style' has trapped the hearts of many Malaysian (Harjani 2012). The travel and leisure industries are not affected any predisposition as Malaysian remarkably favors Southern region Korea. There exists a good connection between the two nations with the positive features and similar interest Korea would definitely be considered a place exactly where Malaysian may have a lovely holiday break.

Table of Contents

i. Professional Summary …………………………………………………………………………………………………………i

1 . 0 Introduction3

1 . 1 Research Purpose3

2 . 0 Category of Picked Country4

2 . 1 Malaysia's Segment Description4

2 . 1 . 1 Market Segmentation5

2 . 1 . two Geograpic Segmentation6

2 . 1 ) 3 Psychographic Segmentation6

2 . 1 . 4 Benefit Sought7

2 . 1 ) 5 Behavioral Pattern7

several. 0 Travel Marketing Campaign in South Korea8

3. 1 Brief Details of Number Country-Seoul8

several. 2 Charm of Seoul8

4. zero Cultural Diversification9

4. one particular Basic Ethnical Aspects Comparison9

4. a couple of Hofstede's Framework10

5. zero International Prepositions11

5. one particular Country-of-Origin Effect11

5. 2 Domestic Client Predispositions11

a few. 2 . you Consumer Ethnocentrism11

5. 2 . 2 Consumer Disidentification12

five. 3 International Consumer Predispositions12

5. 3. 1 Buyer Affinity12

a few. 3. a couple of Consumer Animosity13

6. zero Current Competition and Marketing Campaigns14

six. 1 Travel Trends14

six. 0 Promoting Strategies15

several. 1 Positioning South Korea15

7. 2 Communication Strategies16

8. zero Conclusion and Recommendations17

9. 0 Set of References18

15. 0 Bibliography24

11. zero Appendix30

1 . 0 Intro

1 . you Research Purpose

The purpose of this kind of research project is always to develop a travel and leisure marketing arrange for the targeted Malaysians to tour to Seoul in South Korea which is among Asia's the majority of affluent countries (BBC 2012). South Korea's culture and entertainment has become one of the new ‘hit' and it would be a worthy chance for Malaysians to feel and experience the genuine environment of To the south Korea when you are there. Mostly, this pitch focuses on aspects to traditions, predispositions and marketing.

2 . 0 Classification of Chosen Region

2 . 1 Malaysia's Portion Description

The chosen goal segments in Malaysia will be the educated and middle upper class families or perhaps individuals. As well, travelers and living in the city. Malaysia has become among the best executing economies as after Ww ii by attaining an average of 7+ percent GDP growth (Hasri& Vega 2011).

2 . 1 . one particular Demographic Segmentation

Table one particular:

(Adapted from: Central Intelligence Organization 2012; Division Statistic of Malaysia 2011; Wonderful Malaysia 2012; Advameg 2012)

2 . 1 . two Geograpic Segmentation

Geographically, the target segment is found and reached in Malaysia's three significant cities which can be Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya and Johor Bahru. Table 2:

(Adapted coming from: Malaysia Insurance Summit 2012; Interknowledge Company 2006; MyGovernment 2012; Company of Southeast Asian Studies 2007; SEGLAR Group 2010; Musa 2012; The Celebrity Online 2012)

2 . 1 . 3 Psychographic Segmentation


References: Foreign Telecommunication Union, 2012, TERSEBUT Overview, seen on twentieth Sep 2012,

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