Transformer Article


You can make a transformer from magnetic

wire and an iron rod. Understand that

magnet wire, although it looks bare,

basically has an enamel coating for the

outside that serves as padding. Enamel

is utilized on magnet wire in order that the

insulation is very thin and the coil of wire

may be compacted in a smaller space,






little gauge cable and make it melt,

which is a very good example of what sort of

fuse performs, but could cause you to obtain an

electric powered shock, or simply be used up!

A low ac electricity AC electric power source is required

for this project. Use a variable power

source such as a Variac at 3 volts, or if one particular

is unavailable, try two 12 watt

transformers in series with each other.

Wrap the wire throughout the iron (or steel)

pub. Make two separate coils, each having a

different number of turns from the wire.

One of these will be the secondary and the

other the primary. The inductive copy

will be greatest if the shelves of line are while

close together as is possible.

Warning! You will have to use a very low

voltage ALTERNATING CURRENT power supply just for this project.

An excessive amount of current movement will heat the

A longer wire in the primary will present

more resistance than a brief one, because the

resistance in the wire depends upon its

diameter and its size. According to

Ohm's Rules, current is actually a function of

resistance and current in the formula

I=E/R, so a lower value of E, and a higher

value of Ur will result in much less current circulation.

The heating of the transformer coil and its particular

possible failing results from a higher current

(larger number of bad particals flowing) and so

limiting the latest flow is important to

making the project safe.

A transformer with at least 50 converts of

#20 gauge magnet wire in the primary,

and 30 transforms in the supplementary should

work efficiently.

First, make an effort the transformer with a D cell

battery pack.

Use some jumper wires to

connect the secondary causes a VOM set

to the lowest AC voltage...

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