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The " Somebody-Wanted-But-So" data is an excellent method to summarize important information from background. In this, you determine a person or group of people; their goal, need, or perhaps want; what conflict of interest was standing in the way; and the outcome. This tactic works great because history depend upon which needs, wants, and actions of individuals. Use the graph to show your understanding of people, countries, and companies in the Korean War. Component 1 – Complete this chart applying information in the lesson. The Korean Warfare Chart





North Korea

To unite both equally

halves of Korea

under Communist


The United Nations

interfered using their


The Korean warfare


Basic MacArthur

To defeat the North

Korean language army.

The North Koreans

were to good to

have head on.

He got authorization

to lead a mission to

ambush all of them from

in back of while other

UN soldiers

continued to fight

all of them head on, as a result

trapping the North

Korean army.

Chief executive Truman

To hold the ALGUN

troops from

the Chinese border,

in order that there was

much less of a probability

that Chinese suppliers would

enter the war.

Basic MacArthur

don't listen plus the

Chinese joined

the conflict, causing

the war to last

a lot longer than this

might have in the event the

Chinese had not

entered the war.

Leader Truman

fired General

MacArthur for heading

against his orders.


The EL troops to

stay away from the

boundary between

Cina and North


MacArthur and his

EL troops were

extremely near

the Oriental border.

More than 300, 500

Chinese soldiers

moved to help

North Korea.

United Nations

To restore peace in

both North and

Southern Korea while

soon as is feasible.

Chinese soldiers

were getting ready to

join the war for

of North Korea.

The UN was required to

come up with a


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