The Dow Jones Industrial Average

 The Dow Essay

The Dow Jones Industrial Average:

The gender chart and where did it are derived from?

Logan N. Bryant

Doctor Ritchie – ABUS 478

University of South Carolina – Aiken

Springtime 2009

Dow Jones & Company (as it was called in the beginning) was founded in 1882 by

Charles Henry Dow, Edward Davis Jones, and Charles Milford Bergstresser in a basement business office at 12-15 Wall Street in New York (dowjones. com). In-may 1986, manager of the Wsj and founder of Dow Jones & Company, Charles Dow, 1st formulated and published the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) as an indicator of stock market efficiency (money-zine. com). When first published, the first components, or perhaps member businesses,  of the DJIA included " smokestack" companies around a range of industries. � Of the first twelve corporations that made up the Dow Jones Industrials back in 1896, General Electric is the only company still part of the Industrials. The additional eleven companies included: 1 . American Organic cotton Oil

2 . American Sweets

3. American Tobacco -- Broken up in 1911 by antitrust activities 4. Chicago Gas -- Now part of Peoples Energy

5. Distilling & Cattle Feeding - Evolved in to Millennium Chemical substances 6. Laclede Gas -- Still functioning as Laclede Group

several. National Business lead - Now known as NL Industries

almost 8. North American -- Utility broken up in the 1940s

9. Tn Coal, Straightener, and Railroad Company -� Bought by simply U. S i9000. Steel 12. US Leather-based - Dissolved in 1952

11. ALL OF US Rubber - Now part of Michelin

(money-zine. com)

In 1897, the " Ticker” was announced inside the February twenty six issue from the Wall Street Journal (dowjones. com). A ticker symbol or stock symbol can be described as mnemonic utilized to differentiate publicly traded shares of corporation over a specific stock market. A stock sign may incorporate letters, figures or a mixture of both (Wikipedia. com). The word " ticker” used to suggest " ticker symbol” can be exclusive intended for U. H. stock symbols. Modern letter-only ticker icons were...

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