The American Dream Is usually Perfection

 The American Dream Is Perfection Dissertation

The American Fantasy


America has long been termed as a land of opportunity. Out of that considering comes the " American Dream, " the idea that anyone can eventually achieve success, regardless if he or she began with nothing at all.  In " The Loss of life of a Salesman", Arthur Callier uses the characterization of Willy Loman to represent the failure of his great of the American Dream.  Willy's quest for the American Dream leads to his failure since throughout his life this individual pursues the illusion from the American Fantasy and not the truth of it. His mindset about perfection, passion with achievement, and his constant reminiscence of the past and predictions of the future, all play a role in his defeat in the end. The unachievable component to Willy's look at of the American Dream is definitely perfection. He has a photo perfect look at in his head of how anything should be: a great job using a high paying salary, an awesome family with smart youngsters and a perfect housewife, becoming well liked, being happy, and having not any problems at all. Unfortunately, because Willy offers this belief of how existence should be, whatever does not fit his vision turns out right into a huge challenge. His obsession with perfection is a reason behind why, the truth is, he would not have a happy family. By simply trying to produce his friends and family fit the image of the American Dream, this individual actually caused their unhappiness. Failing with this attempt of " perfecting" his family is just one sort of Willy's many mistakes. Because he is a so-called perfectionist, accomplishment will certainly not be evident to Willy. When he actually reaches any goal, he under no circumstances sees the excellent in it; instead this individual only recognizes what he could have done better. " Perfection is really a figment with the imagination, an intangible false impression, just as the American Fantasy is in Willy's mind. ” (Nadi 2005) Willy Loman defined success in three ways: The success attained by simply his function models, recognition, and the opinion that good people are risk takers.  The success gained by Willy's role types, Dave Singleman, his...

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