Syllabus for Orissa Civil Services

 Syllabus to get Orissa Detrimental Services Essay

Syllabi for the

Orissa Municipal Services

(Preliminary) Examination


SYLLABUS FOR ORISSA CIVIL SERVICES (PRELIMINARY) EXAMINATION GENERAL STUDIES The type and standard of concerns in this conventional paper will be in a way that a welleducated person should be able to answer them without any specialized study. The questions will be such as to check a candidate's general awareness of a variety of subject matter, which will include relevance to get a career in Civil Solutions. General Technology Current events and improvements of nationwide and foreign importance. Good India and Indian Countrywide Movement. Indian and Globe Geography Of india Polity and Economy. Standard Mental Potential General Research 1 . Concerns on Basic Science will take care of general gratitude and understanding of science including matters of everyday observation and experience, while may be predicted of a well educated person who has not made a unique study of any particular scientific discipline. Questions also may be established covering details relating to contemporary important technological discoveries and prominent Of india Scientists and their contributions.

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Current occasions and Advancements of nationwide and intercontinental importance. In current events knowledge of significant state, nationwide and foreign events will be tested. Great India and Indian Nationwide Movement 1 . In History of India emphasis will be on; a) b) General understanding on interpersonal, economic and political history of India. Standard understanding of socio-cultural and personal history of Orissa.

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American indian National Activity. a) b) Nature and character of the 19th century resurgence, growth of nationalism and attainment of independence. Flexibility movement in Orissa, Oriya nationalism and Formation of Orissa Province.

Indian and World Location – Emphasis will be on Geography of India and Orissa. Inquiries are to be dress the following; 1 . 2 . several. 4. Physical, Social and Economic Geography of India. Main features of Indian culture and normal resources. Normal resources of Orissa – Water, Forest and Minerals. Natural unfortunate occurances in Orissa, - Avalanche and Cyclone.

Indian Polity and Economy – Queries on American indian polity and economy will test the candidate's understanding on the next; 1 . 2 . 3. four. Indian Personal system and Constitution of India. Social system and economic expansion in India. Local do it yourself Government – Urban and Rural Systems in Orissa. Orissa's economical development through the Plan times; Agriculture, Sector, Social Sector.

General Mental Ability The candidates will be tested in reasoning and analytical talents.

AGRICULTURE Culture, its importance in national economy. Elements determining agroecological zones and geographic circulation of harvest plants. Significance of crop plant life, cultural methods for cereal, pulses, oilseed, fibre, sweets, tuber and fodder seeds. Crop rotation, multiple and relay cropping, intercropping and mixed cropping. Dryfaming approaches. Organic farming. Soil like a medium of plant growth and its composition, mineral and organic matters of the ground and their part in crop production; chemical substance, physical and biological homes of soils. Essential grow nutrients -- their capabilities, occurrence, bicycling in soils. Soil virility and its analysis for judicious fertilizer use. Organic manures and bio- fertilizers, inorganic fertilizers, bundled nutrient management. Principles of plant physiology - plant nutrition, ingestion, translocation and metabolism of nutrients. Associated with nutrient insufficiencies and their radical change, photosynthesis, respiration, growth and development. Flower growth government bodies. Cell and cell organells. Cell division and reproductive system cycle. Principles of inherited genes, geneinteraction, sex determination, entrave and recombination, mutation, extra chromosomal gift of money, polyploidy. Source and domestication of plants plants. Biodiversity - innate resources conservation and usage. Genetic basis of plant propagation -...

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