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Writing Project you: Conceptualizing a concept

The goal of the first main writing task is to connect your encounter to an summary idea or perhaps concept. The theory or concept you use can be one which has developed out of your short writing tasks and blood pressure measurements for Sequence 1, nonetheless it can also be something totally new. In this job, you have time to incorporate the stories you developed via those before short assignments. Of course , if you utilize material coming from any earlier assignment, you need to revise and reshape that so that it effectively communicates your idea. The final draft of this job will be 4 to 6 pages.

Managing questions:

How can I use the experience to examine larger concerns in a compelling way? What lessons provides my knowledge taught myself that I would like to pass on to a audience of my colleagues.

Desired goals:

Connect personal experiences or observations to a larger idea. Identify, develop, describe, and discuss a concept or principles. Practice planning, drafting, and revising.

Coordinate and make your own suggestions about a topic based on experience and outside facts. Evaluate data and make decisions about how exactly best to present it. Gain experience to make choices for effective communication.


For your job you will need to:

determine elements of your experience which have been of result to others. present evidence or perhaps support to aid illustrate this kind of idea (personal experience, points, comparison to other concepts, supporting evidence). write a personal narrative that enlightens the reader on your issue think about what you want you to step out of reading building. think about what you wish to get out of doing this project.


Option 1: Write a mixed-genre essay, different narrative and analytic that brings together different types of writing or perhaps different forms in order to express an idea. If you choose this option, you are able to piece together a great essay by things you might have already created in short...

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