Slightly below the Surface

 Just Below the Surface Essay

Just beneath the surface

The storyline is authored by Kate Nivison and occurs in a Greater london suburb within an upper class environment (p. forty one, l. 14) in contemporary time (p. 42, d. 23). This can be a first person narrator so we sympathize with Indrani.


* Is an American indian woman (p. 42, l. 37)

* Is education, but not remarkably educated

2. She is incredibly bigoted (p. 42, p. 29-30)

* The lady thinks the British people are xenophobic (the woman in the shop and the guys from the authorities, p. 43, l. 15) * She's very worried about what other people think about her (p. forty two, l. 19) * She gets suppressed (p. 43, d. 16)

* She wants to be a good wife and desperately wants to maintain her appearances (p. forty two, l. 1) She really wants to keep her pride that is typical to get the Of india culture. 5. The United kingdom people are biased against her (p. 43, l. 13) * The girl with trying to absorb to the contemporary society, but the world hasn't assimilated to the foreigners because the foreign people want to hold their ideals (p. twenty four, l. 7) * She develops through the story; initially she won't mind the racism against her. The lady doesn't notice it. In the end your woman gets a great eye-opener. 2. She is dependent upon her husband (p. forty-four, l. 6)

* Your woman tries to prevent conflicts


* He is a hidden racist (p. 48, l. 14)

* Is extremely ironic (p. 4, d. 31)

5. He uses metaphors (p. 47, l. 15)

5. He is insolent

* He is very biased

There are a lot of dialogs and direct speech in the story. As well colloquial vocabulary because of the direct speech.

There could be drawn parallels to the story My Son the Fan because in both stories there is a individual who tries to incorporate to the Uk society. Generally there can also be attracted parallels to Mrs. Frost and Barry because they are both equally very bigoted. There may also be drawn parallels to Robin Cook's conversation. He says the immigrants are good for the nation while Craig wants to eliminate.

The rodents symbolize the immigrants in line with the Barry....

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