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 John Lewis in China Report Composition

John Lewis entering Cina

John Lewis getting into China

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Desk of content

* Business Summary ……………………………………………. 3

2. Key Recommendations……………………………………... …3

2. Background Briefing……………………………………………. 4

5. Environmental Examination and Industry Audit……5 to 9

5. Company Objectives and SWOT………………….. 9 to 11

5. Choice of Markets and Market-Entry Strategies…11

5. Recommended Promoting Plan: ………………. 12 to 15

Executive Brief summary

The purpose of this kind of report was going to critically review the potential enlargement of David Lewis in China to supply clear and relevant suggestions, fitting the values offered by the business and the marketplace situation. Exploration for this statement not only included an environmental analysis although also a competitive and a SWOT analysis. The company's short and long lasting objectives are also defined. The paper will be based upon findings and research coming from newspaper content, online websites, standard department stores websites, and ebooks. We then simply analysed and used these kinds of sources to build up our right analysis.

The main findings indicate that there are a lot of risks, as there always are the moment entering a fresh market specially in a country with such another type of and exceptional culture and past. John Lewis should so become precautious when entering Cina and caring for the competition generally there.

However in this report we saw how John Lewis can lessen those hazards and how they have the functions to bring the Western technique in China. We as well saw just how John Lewis can be in a position to make an excellent entrance inside the Chinese industry.

Key suggestions

After an in-depth analysis of the suppliers market in China and an understanding from the complexity of the environmental factors, the recommendations for John Lewis in order to be powerful are the pursuing:

* Focus on the middle and upper classes

* Choose the initial location in Beijing or Shanghai

* Change the product and service technique in the future based on competitors and customers' will need * Keep things in balance between standardization and adaptation * Choose a joint venture approach

* Conform the connection strategy to the prospective and culture * Maintain most of the suppliers that the organization already has in the UK 5. Develop fresh partnerships with local suppliers as well

* Maximize the control over the supply chain

* Keep the charges strategy " Never knowingly undersold”


The well-known British firm John Lewis was initially founded as a blind store in 1864 in Oxford Road, Central London. Today, the company has 39 stores across the country and hires much more than 84, 700 employees (John Lewis Collaboration, 2013).

Most of the retailers are considered as being department stores since John Lewis manages a wide product stock portfolio within the shops, which includes furniture, clothes, cosmetics, gadgets, IT items as well as insurance services. This kind of positioning enables John Lewis to reach numerous potential customers and therefore to satisfy different requirements. Hence, providing quality and luxury items the company tends to focus generally on the central and upper classes.

Furthermore, the foodstuff retailer Waitrose is also component to John Lewis. As matter of fact, the up-markets and extremely markets chain is owned by Steve Lewis since 1937, and manages today 290 stores (John Lewis Partnership, 2013). This allows the organization to gain difference with competitors and reach another market in the UK. In accordance to a Decision research, Waitrose has been paid in 2010 as the best foodstuff seller in the country (Waitrose Careers, 2011).

John Lewis' marketing strategy is essentially based on the commercial task " hardly ever knowingly undersold” (John Lewis Partnership, 2013). Indeed, the famous slogan is now a guarantee of superior...

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