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Lodge Continental and Armour Apparel Company

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Hotel Ls

I. History of the Analyze

Mr. Oscar Mendoza is the owner of the Succeed Tours, in addition to July 1989, he browse from newspapers an advertisements of procurment Hotel Continental's facilities. During the last six months, this individual has been really thinking about operating a motel because of going through difficulties in getting hotel accommodations. During the last two years, Hotel Continental incurred losses of about P2 to 3 mil pesos. Mendoza told Ernesto de los Santos, his Promoting Manager, that his travelling business can easily provide 40% utilization of the hotel. This individual also asked de los Santos to gather a few data that will assist to the circumstance. De los Santos called all his employees to gather data about hotel industry and present it to him. A lot of days after, Mendoza already received the packet info submitted by simply two of the five staff members of the marketing management. 2. Time Framework

Read a great advertisement by newspapers together a meeting with Ernesto de los Santos about July 1989. III. View Point

Mendoza's point of view is to have accumulated information and data that will aid him to make the decision whether or not he should bet a price for Hotel Ls because of their incurred losses of about P2 to three million pesos. Mendoza quickly received the data given by two of the five members in the marketing management instructed by simply Ernesto de aquellas Santos. IV. Statement in the Problem

The key problem in this situatio is that Mendoza doesn't know how to get, where to get, when to acquire and complete the remaining 60 per cent of his travel agency organization on featuring annually potential utilization of the hotel since they simply...

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