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Case Study: Gujarat Earthquake 2001 Bhuj Earthquake: Preliminary Statement from IITKanpur A Powerful Earthquake of magnitude 6. on the lookout for on Richter-Scale rocked the Western American indian State of Gujarat on the th twenty six of January, 2001. It caused extensive damage to lifestyle & home. This earthquake was so devastating in its scale and suffering which the likes from it had not been skilled in previous 50 years. Giving thousands really injured, bruised and handicapped; both literally, psychologically and economically. The epicenter in the quake was located by 23. 6th north Lat. and 69. 8 east Longitude, about 20 kilometers Northeast of Bhuj Area of the Kutch district in Western Gujarat. At a depth of only twenty three kms below surface this kind of quake made intense trembling which was experienced in 70% region of India and far beyond in neighbouring Pakistan and Nepal too. This was followed by intense after shock that became a continuing source of panic for the populace. The Seismicity of the affected Part of Kutch is a known fact with a excessive incidence of earthquakes in recent years and in historical past. It falls into Seismic Region V. The only such region outside the Himalayan Seismic Seatbelt. In previous 200 years important harming earthquakes took place in 1819, 1844, 1845, 1856, 1869, 1956 in the same vicinity because 2001 earthquake. Twenty-one in the total twenty-five districts in the state was affected through this quake. About 18 towns, 182 talukas and 7904 villages in the affected areas have seen large-scale devastation. The affected areas even distributed up to 300 km in the epicentre. Inside the Kutch Region, four key urban areas – Bhuj, Anjar, Bachau and Rapar suffered near total destruction. The rural areas in the region are also very badly afflicted with above 450 villages almost fully destroyed. Additionally , wide spread damages also occurred in Rajkot, Jamnagar, Surendranagar, Patan and Ahmedabad districts. Additional Urban areas just like Ganhidham, Morvi, Rajkot and Jamnagar also have suffered problems for major constructions, infrastructure and industrial facilities. Ahmedabad the capital was also significantly affected. Gujarat Earthquake is incredibly significant as seen by of earthquake disaster mitigation in India. The problems observed in this devastation are no unlike other key recent earthquakes in the world. The problems in the restoration and reconstruction phase are: the proper understanding risk among different stakeholders, training and confidence building among the specialists and masons with ideal development organizing strategies. This quake has provided quite a few examples of geo-technical and structural failures. The regular wisdom of design and construction practises of built buildings prevalent in this region came under critique for two the first time. It has triggered thorough understanding on what must be done in this regard.


High Powered Panel Report in National Catastrophe Management, Ministry of Farming, New Delhi, 2001

One common site of destruction with the villages inside the meizoseismal region.

Rubble of collapsed complexes being cleaned at Anjaar. Narrow lane caused significant casualties to make rescue and relief very hard. Kudos for the rescue/relief staff for their daring efforts!!

Almost nothing could possibly be recovered by most RADIO CONTROLLED frame buildings that flattened. Clearing of debris coming from collapse of various multistorey REMOTE CONTROL frame structures was a level bigger concern.

Relief division after the earthquake.

Temporary animal shelters in the city of Morbi.

Chamoli (Himalaya, India) Earthquake of up to 29 March 1999 The Chamoli earthquake of 29 Drive 1999 in northern India is yet another crucial event from your viewpoint of Himalayan seismotectonics and seismic resistance of non-engineered buildings. The earthquake occurred in a part of the Central Himalaya, which can be highly at risk of earthquakes and has been put in the

maximum seismic zone (zone V) of India. There has been a bitter controversy during the new...

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