Pockie Ninja 2 Skill Build

 Pockie Ninja 2 Skill Build Article


Makes you hard to kill, even while taking heavy destruction; it's utilized extensively generally play, PVE and PVP Stats: Constitution, Defense, Stamina, Blocking

Neighborhoods: Fire, Wind flow, Thunder


Static Discipline, Flying Oklahoma city God, Replacement Tech, Blowing wind Storm Mixture, Great Strength, Pre-Healing Jutsu Mud wall, Great Mud River, Substitution Tech, Assasinate, Puppet, Great Strength Alcohol, Sunset, Balsam, Fireball, Wind flow Storm Mixture, Detonating Clay. Mist-Hide, Breeze Storm Array, Great Power, Giant Waterfall, Substitution Technology, Assasinate Plea, Static Field, Flying Thunder God, Death Mirage Jutsu, Eight Trigram Palm, Magical Palm Strategy


Intended for tanking opponent attacks and do huge amounts of electricity, really found frequently in Valhalla (Hard) Stats: Strength, Stamina, Essential, Armor Break, Defence, Hit

Villages: Blowing wind, Water, Oklahoma city, Earth


Sunset, Bloodboil, Gale Side, Thunderfall, Chidori, Detonating Clay Liquor, Balsam, Fireball, Puppet, Great Power, Chidori

Doomed Seal of Heaven, Mist-Hide, Bloodboil, Gale Palm, Rasengan, Great Strength Crystal Knife, Detonating Clay-based, Great Power, Lotus Skill, Bomb, Chidori Crystal Cutting tool, Detonating Clay, Lotus Skill, Chidori, Rasengan, Cursed Seal off of Paradise Crystal Cutting tool, Detonating Clay-based, Lotus Skill, Bomb, Substitution Technique, Static Field Wonderful Strength, Ten Trigram Hands, Gale Hands, Creation Vitality, Assassinate, Hurricane, cyclone, tornado Array


Concentrates on polishing the speed stat and related attributes in order to chain problems and battle effectively Stats: Speed, Speed, Attack, Important

Villages: Blowing wind, Thunder, Open fire


Quickstep, Great Strength, Ice Cutting tool, Chidori, Detonating Clay, Great Mud Water Eight Interior Gates, Quick Step, Superb Strength, Thunderfall, Great Dirt River, Chidori Quick Stage, Great Power, Assasinate, Magical Palm Strategy, Gale Palm, Thunderfall Doomed Seal of Heaven, 8 Inner Entrances, Rasengan, Chidori,...

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