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We Of Prosperity, Justice, Small amounts, and their Opposites

II The, the State, and Education

3 The Arts in Education

4 Wealth, Lower income, and Advantage

V In Matrimony and Philosophy

MIRE The Viewpoint of Government

VII On Dark areas and Facts in Education

VIII 4 Forms of Government

IX In Wrong or Right Federal government, and the Pleasures of Each

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Persons with the Dialogue

SOCRATES, who is the narrator.







And others who are mute auditors. The scene is put in the house of Cephalus in the Piraeus; and the whole discussion is narrated by Socrates the day after that actually happened to Timaeus Hermocrates, Critias, and a nameless person, who are introduced inside the Timaeus.

I WENT down the other day to the Piraeus with Glaucon, the son of Ariston, that I might offer up my personal prayers towards the goddess; and also because I desired to see about what man- ner they would enjoy the celebration, which was a new thing. I had been delighted together with the procession in the inhabitants; but that of the Thracians was equally, if not more, beautiful. When we had finished our prayers and looked at the spectacle, we completed the course of the metropolis; and at that instant Polemarchus, the son of Cephalus, chanced to catch look of us from a distance as we were starting upon our method home, and told his servant to operate and bet us await him. The servant took hold of me by the cloak behind, and said, Polemarchus desires you to wait.

I turned rounded, and asked him wherever his expert was.

Presently there he is, stated the youngsters, coming after you, if you only will wait. Certainly we is going to, said Glaucon; and in a few minutes Polemarchus came out, and with him Adeimantus, Glaucon's brother, Niceratus, the son of Nicias, and several others who was simply at the procession.

Polemarchus thought to me, I actually perceive, Socrates, that you plus your companion already are on your way to the location.

You are not far wrong, We said.

Nevertheless do you discover, he rejoined, how many we are?

Of course.

And are you stronger than all these? for if not really, you will have to remain where you are. May there not really be the choice, I stated, that we may well per- suade you to we will go? Although can you convince us, whenever we refuse to listen to you? this individual said. Certainly not, replied Glaucon.

Then we could not going to pay attention; of that you might be assured. Adeimantus added: Does not have one told you of the torch-race on horseback in honor of the goddess that may take place in overnight time?

With race horses! I replied. That is a novelty. Will horsemen carry cierge and complete them person to another through the race?

Certainly, said Polemarchus; and not only so , but a festival will be celebrated at night, which you absolutely ought to observe. Let us rise soon after supper and see this kind of festival; you will have a gathering of teenagers, and we will have got a good speak. Stay after that, and do not become perverse.

Glaucon said, I suppose, since you persist, that we must.

Very great, I replied.

Accordingly we all went with Polemarchus to his house; and there we all found his brothers Lysias and Euthydemus, and with them Thrasymachus the Chalcedonian, Charmantides the Paeanian, and Cleitophon, the son of Aristonymus. Presently there too was Cephalus, the father of Polemarchus, whom I had not noticed for a long time, and i also thought him very much older. He was sitting on a padded chair, together a garland on his head, for he

had been sacrificing in the court docket; and there are some other chairs in the room organized in a semicircle, upon which we all sat straight down by him. He saluted me thirstily, and then he said: An individual come to find out me, Socrates, as often whenever you ought: If I were still able to get and see you I would certainly not ask you to come to me. Nevertheless at my grow older I can rarely get to the town, and therefore you should come oftener to the Piraeus. For, let me tell you that the even more the delights of the human body fade away, the more to me would be the...

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