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A Scientific Diagnosis and Treatment Plan for Hagar

Joyce M. Wooden

Liberty University


This newspaper presents having a five central diagnosis and treatment plan for Hagar a Biblical character. Also presenting is definitely the suggested treatment plan for her diagnosis, along with an absorption interview which establishes the framework for each and every the diagnosis and plan for treatment. In addition , one of them paper would be the client's mental status evaluation, modality account, and an explanation of my personal integrative theoretical counseling way. The center of attention on this paper targets the classification findings and suggested treatment plan for these findings, as they relate to Hagar, a slave girl to Abram and Sari of the Bible.

A Scientific Diagnosis and Treatment Plan for Hagar

Because of working substantially with people, particularly women and kids, and my studies in neuro-scientific professional counseling, an excellent assumptive approach to counselling developed. The name with this approach will probably be addressed throughout as the Female Manifest Personality Theory (FMIT). This assumptive approach is established on an integrative perspective, a mix of a biblically sound, psychologically empirical and three theories that strongly impressed upon me one of the most, which are: existential, person based, and certain aspects of feminist therapy. Above all, the integration on this theory is strongly substantiated on biblical principles. It is designed to help women and others who may seek this type of therapies to become mindful of their spiritual inner-self and evolving id. With the mix of these 3 theories and clarity from a biblical perspective, a Christian counselor can apply a spiritually structured integrative restorative procedure, which will take in palm certain non-bias issues that issues the spiritual, emotional and mental health of those looking for this form of counseling, especially many situations faced by women. Like a Christian counselor, my main objective should be to assist those people who are struggling with their very own authentic home. Through learning the Holy bible, I found Hagar to be one of the more interesting figures. Her your life story and circumstances is one that some women in their particular may encounter today. Her situation is obviously speaks out of your pages of ancient occasions as a woman who suffered misuse, abuse, hardship, and pain plus the burden of solitary parenthood. The most prevalent focus of this theoretical approach is change. However , the emphasis is certainly not placed on major an outward change. Changing outwardly is never enough, nor is humanistic goodness. There is and should often be more when addressing change in an individual. As stated by Dr . Jay Adams (1986) " All counselor's Christian included—agree that the purpose of counseling is always to change people” (Adams, 1986, p. xi). The main focus from the Christian restorative process is usually to help the consumer come into a place of acknowledging his or her situation/problem and then work toward a reachable aim for transform. The premise of the counseling profession is founded on the injuring who requires healing or should we say, the message/hope pertaining to positive change in their existence. Dr . Soft sand Wilson's (2001) premise which can be firmly proven upon biblical principles, which usually stresses, hurt people requires hope that someone has the ability to of assisting them alter and to discover healing because of their situation. With this, viewing Christian counselling from a multitasking strategy that involves the entirety with the human person from a biblical perspective provides for developing a more all natural and effective counseling theory. This theory must consequently , promote vary from the inside away, which is the focus of the beneficial approach I propose in the prognosis and treatment plan for the biblical person,...

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