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0ne two one Conversation

In my 1 2 1 interaction with Judith I was the young rude Dentist who would not have experience in her job being a Dentist and she pretended to know what she was doing.


In the initially part once i was coming to call for my personal patients I used to be running past due and would not apologise towards the patient. For the patient the lady can think that no respect towards her because the individual is up collection for holding out so long and to receive simply no apologies can be very insulting. Secondly the patient was in pain and I was not considerate of her feelings and was incredibly aggressive would not show any empathy. (Non Verbal) the patient can experience neglected by Dentist and she will not really feel the impression of belonging or think that she really wants to come back to this Dentist ever again.


If the patient received in the room I was polite in asking her how I might be a help to her in a straight and crystal clear tone of voice. I do believe that will make the individual feel comfortable and comfortable and also makes her want to confine in me as her Dentist. We also question her perfectly to have take a nap in the seat to examine her. (Verbally) once again it will help her relax and comfortable she will also feel fewer tensed, since not everybody loves to go the Dentist as possible very agonizing so staying nice to the patient will give them a feeling of calming and a sense of ensuring.


To make my own patient feel a lot better and comfortable I should not have pretended to know what I was carrying out in the first place when i was inexperienced with the work. I should have got asked for a lot of assisting with all the job and set the patient requirements and feelings first I also need to be considerate with the clients sense and to be more endurants and have absolutely more sympathy towards my clients.

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