Non-profit Organization and Management Control

 Non-profit Firm and Managing Control Dissertation

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Department Of Management Studies Assignment in Management Control System in Non-Profit Organization Management Control System MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTATION 3rd Session


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Dr . B. G. Mishra Akriti Gupta Reader Iti Shrivastava M. N. A.; Ph level. D Shikha Sahu Economic Management, Organization Policy Shobhna Jha Proper Management


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With this Assignment, all of us describe the management control process operating organizationsorganizations that produce and market intangible services. We first discuss the characteristics that distinguish services organizations on the whole from production organizations. We all then discuss the special problems that arise in professional, financial service, medical care, and non-profit organizations.

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Service Businesses in General

Inside the 18th plus the early part of the 19th 100 years, the labor force in the United States was predominantly in agriculture. Next, it was mainly in manufacturing. Early in the 20th century, work in the services sector overtook employment inside the manufacturing sector. By the year 2003, service sector employment experienced grown to more than two times that of production. In this chapter we provide ideas into managing control devices for assistance organizations.


For several reasons, management control in service sectors is somewhat different from supervision control that manufactures companies. Some factors that have an impact on most support industries will be discussed through this section. (Others, which are features of particular service companies, are talked about later. ) These factors apply likewise to the managing control of legal, research and development, and also other service departments in companies generally. 1 ) Essence of Inventory Buffer Goods could be held in products on hand, which is a buffer that dampens the impact upon production activity of fluctuations in sales quantity. Services may not be stored. The airplane couch, hotel room, hospital operating space, or the hours of attorneys, physicians, scientists, and other specialists that are not utilized today are gone forever. Hence, although a manufacturing firm can earn revenue later on from products that are readily available today, a service company cannot do so. It should try to decrease its abandoned capacity. Furthermore, the costs of countless service companies are essentially fixed in the short run. Inside the short run, a hotel cannot reduce it is costs considerably by concluding off a few of its areas. Accounting firms, law firms, and other professional agencies are unwilling to put off specialist personnel in times of low sales volume because of the effect on morale and the costs of rehiring and schooling. A key changing in most service organizations, consequently , is the degree to which current capacity goes with demand. Service agencies attempt this matching in two ways.. First, they make an effort to stimulate demand in off- peak times by advertising efforts and price concessions. Cruise lines and resort resorts offer low rates in off conditions; airlines and hotels offer low rates on week-ends; public resources offer low rates about slack periods during the day. Second, if feasible, service businesses adjust how big the labor force to the predicted demand simply by such steps as arranging training actions in slack periods and compensating to get long

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hours in busy periods with time off later. Losing from unsold services is indeed important that occupancy rates, " sold hours, ” weight factors, pupil enrollment, hospital admissions, and similar symptoms of accomplishment in selling readily available services are typically key factors in service companies. 2 . Difficulty in Controlling Top quality A manufacturing company can easily inspect usana products before they may be shipped towards the...

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