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Cigol Bangladesh Ltd. can be planning to launch a new product range named " Z Clean Hand wash” in a developing market. Nevertheless Lifebuoy Palm wash (A product of Unilever) may be the current market innovator, and will be certainly more opponents like Dettol Hand clean (Reckit Benkiser), Savlon Hand washing The liquid (ACI) and Sepnol Palm wash (Square Toiletries ltd. ), we are able to compete mainly because our side washing goods offer a exclusive blend of quality, features, rewards, service and value based pricing. Our company is aiming a number of segments inside the consumer and business marketplace. Our plan is to record the advantage of the increasing with regard to more showcased, varied and exclusive hands wash products for everyone and in addition providing assistance, based on customer type. The main marketing target is to attain first-year Bangladesh market share of 5 percent with unit sales of 1, 00, 000. The principal financial aims are to achieve first-year product sales revenues of Tk. five, 02, five-hundred, keep initial year losses to below Tk. you, 05, 000 and make your money back in the middle of second year.


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Target market: Health-conscious people, Mothers/Parents, Women, Men, Kids, Working People/Outdoor people, Household Users, Corporations

Current Marketing Situation:

In Bangladesh due to more concern pertaining to hygiene and recent increase in several contaminative illnesses, Hand wash market in Bangladesh received a sudden within demand. Predictions suggest an annual sales maximize of 10 percent for the next 3 years. The major competition is Lifebuoy, Savlon and Dettol because of their long-term manufacturer equity. However we can take on our product variety and some unique provides. But to start with Cigol Bangladesh Ltd. cautiously needs to identify the specific benefits and features it is going to offer to specific customers.

Our company is about to extend the brand further and increase its market share by using the new branding strategy. The business is now getting ready to enter the developing market of private care and planning to kick off a whole new product range of hand wash by using a new brand name.

Competitive Review:

At present the hand rinse market in Bangladesh are at its growth stage. Several main rivals exist with this market. Require products rarely offer any kind of variety. Competition is mainly from Lifebuoy, Savlon and Dettol due to their grain equity. Our main challenge will be creating a new brand in the current industry. The Key opponents review is listed below * Unilever: Unilever launched the brand name lifebuoy as well as the product was anti microbe soap. Then it launched lifebuoy liquid side wash of two diverse colours. Lifebuoy hand clean is currently providing the market 200ml bottles and in addition Refill packets. It stresses on the assure on eradicating 99. 99% bacteria that may harm wellness. At present it's the market head. * ACI: ACI launched the Savlon handwashing liquefied and presently offering 250ml and 1000ml bottles. Zero other variety is offered by simply ACI. 2. Reckit Benckiser: Reckit Benkiser has launched Dettol Anti Bacterial Liquid Hand rinse with a tagline " End up being 100% sure”. It also presents 200ml wine bottles and also Re-fill packets. 2. Square toiletries ltd.: Sq . Toiletries limited., a successful personal care product producer recently released Sepnol Anti Bacterial Hand wash of 200 cubic centimeters bottles. But it hasn't achieved its break-even point yet. Though Unilever is prominent the current hands wash industry, Cigol Bangladesh Ltd. can bend away a specific graphic and gain acknowledgment among the targeted market segments with its unique product features. Table Unces. 2 reveals a selection of competitive hand washing products and prices. Table Unces. 2- Picked Handwash companies pricing

| | |

Competitor| Product| Features| Price

Unilever| Lifebuoy Handwash| Two girl antibacterial handwashing liquid. Promises 99. 00% diminishing of bacteria. | Tk. 145 for 200ml bottle| ACI| Savlon Handwash|...

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