Marketing Strategy: Dell

 Marketing Strategy: Dell Essay


Table of Articles:

A. Target

B. Quick Background of Dell

a) Strategic Vision

b) Product Offerings

c) Product Levels

d) Market place Situation

we. Customer Segmentation of Dell

ii. ESL & The greater Education Organizing Team

3. Higher Education Industry (HEM)

iv. Microcenters

e) Competitor Examination

f) SWOT Analysis - Dell in HEM

C. Current Problem & Alternatives

D. The recommendation & Action plan

Electronic. Intended Learning Outcome

A. Objectives

The main objective for this marketing analysis is usually to explore the opportunity of Higher education Market (HEM) for Dell and to produce a marketing prepare in order to obtain its revenue target. After identifying current problems faced by Dell, we will analyze the good qualities and negatives of each alternative and determine the best remedy for the business. Given Season 96/97 spending budget and earnings targets, we will also suggest the approach for marketing implementation and contingency strategy through several calculations. This marketing analysis hopefully can help Dell get rid of the obstacles to achieving powerful business in Higher Education Marketplace (HEM).

B. Brief History of Dell

Dell Computer Corporation was established simply by Michael Dell in 1988. This mainly designs, manufactures, market segments, and provides companies and helps to personal computers including computer system personal computers (PCs), notebook computers, and network machines. Being the world's leading direct marketing expert of LAPTOP OR COMPUTER systems, Dell Computer got approximately eight, 400 workers distributed more than 130 countries worldwide[1]. It was positioned 250th for the Fortune five-hundred list at the beginning of 1996. a) Strategic Eyesight

Dell Computer aims at developing customized, high-performance but low-price Computers which are immediately marketed to customers. Its crucial strategic principle is to present consumers an exceptionally high value through combining " relatively substantial performance” with " comparatively low price. ” b) Item Offerings

To fulfill the needs of different target customers, Dell features manufactured a lot of product lines consisting desktop computer systems, notebook computers, and network servers. They are known as OptiPlex, Dimension, and Latitude. OptiPlex line is designed bottom on market standard with high performance and is also easily upgradeable for networking purpose. Dimensions computers, alternatively, possess more advanced features and they are aggressively listed to suit person and more compact purchase teams. Latitude, a high-end laptop computer model, can be specially designed intended for customer part that try to find desktop substitute and powerful multimedia tools. c) Merchandise Levels

The key product of Dell is usually personal computer. Its actual products are: (1) fairly high and reliable efficiency justified by relatively reduced price; (2) extremely customer-configured LAPTOP OR COMPUTER feature; and (3) well-researched brand name known worldwide. Its increased products contain: (1) satisfactory after-sales services such as industry-leading warranty plans, installation, routine service, repair companies and end user support; (2) timely delivery that is built-to-order and delivered within 3-5 days; and (3) easy order positioning, which only requires a contact number or mailbox box. Different from core item, actual and augmented items are mostly intangible. However , they may be Dell's unique competencies that essentially identify the company from the other manufacturers in today's competitive PC market. d) Current Market Condition

i. Dell's customer segmentation

By simply behavioral and benefit segmentation, Dell's clients could be broken into three distinctive groups. They can be: (1) the corporate, government, medical, and education accounts (the " major accounts”); (2) the individuals; and (3) the tiny and medium-sized businesses. The major accounts need many personal computers, large-scale processing capacity and networking capabilities. They consist of 64% to 67% of Dell's income in the PERSONAL COMPUTER systems...

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