Promoting Plan Describe

 Essay about Marketing Program Outline

University of Phoenix Material

Marketing Plan Summarize

1 . Company overview

a. Name of organization

n. Mission affirmation - organization's basic beliefs and viewpoint a. Geographic location

m. Product mix

1) Single product

2) Item line(s)

1 ) New product explanation

2 . SWOTT analysis

a. Strengths (internal)

b. Disadvantages (internal)

c. Opportunities (external)

d. Dangers (external)

elizabeth. Trends (external)

3. Promoting research

a. Consumer evaluation

1) Demographics

2) Psychographics

3) Actions (e. g. purchase behaviors)

4) Physical considerations

n. Industrial evaluation, if suitable

1) Rival Analysis

5. Segmentation

a. Criteria

n. Target market(s)

5. Difference and positioning

6. Level of the product life cycle

7. Marketing mix

a. Product/service

1) Type - great, service, idea, etc .

2) Features - how will that be different in the competition? 3) Identification -- brand name, packaging, and packaging

4) Development method/delivery of service

m. Price

1) Pricing technique

a) Profit-oriented

b) Sales-oriented

c) Status quo

c. Place

1) Stations of syndication - maker, wholesaler, merchant 2) Product location availability

3) Physical distribution/location of facilities/modes of transportation 4) Cost

a) Production

b) Distribution

c) Overhead

d) Sales

e) Marketing

5) Markup

6) Suggested selling price

7) Earnings margin

8) Price and quality romantic relationship - perceived value

g. Promotion

1) Personal selling

2) Promoting

a) Normal mail

b) Internet

c) Telesales

d) Television set

e) Radio

f) Others

3) Revenue promotion -- sale rates, discounts, coupons, contests, sweepstakes, tradeshows, and so forth 4) Advertising

5) Site

8. Spending budget

9. Control/monitor

a. Responses mechanism to monitor improvement

b. Evaluation process

c. Performance goals (quantifiable elements)

1) Revenue margin

2) Market share

3) Promotional efficiency

4) Marketplace penetration

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