human behavior and training

 human tendencies and teaching Essay

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EM 408ps Advanced Human being Relations inside the Organization plus the Filipino Individuality

Reporter: Dolores R. Dela Cruz

Ph. Deb. EM Student

Topic: Human being Behavior and Training

Experiential Method, Educational Method, Ruse Method

We. Introduction

Strategies are the means or ways that we use to teach material to our pupils. Our choice of methods depends on what we need to teach (content), who we could teaching, and the level of competence expected. An exercise method is the method, technique or perhaps approach which a trainer uses in teaching.

2. Lecture and Discussion

Human being Behavior and Training

Experiential Method

Experiential learning is a process of making meaning via direct knowledge. Ex: see the zoo and learning through observation and interaction together with the zoo environment, as opposed to reading about pets or animals from an e book Experiential learning is also known as as ‘learning by doing' and the schooling involves a two way interaction unlike the educational training methods for of one sided. Here difficulties focus is not only mere copy of facts and characters but advancement skills in the participants, which can or not be the case in informational training.

Some of the Experiential Methods to train:

On the Job Teaching (OJT): This training method is used to convey . new skills for the employees if they are working on a certain position. Job rotation and apprenticeship teaching are some ways new skills can be developed in the employees. Gear Simulators: These are generally training methods exactly where in actual life situations as well as conditions are set up to enable automobile to experience and prepare for the world of work. This kind of training is often used to develop physical, behavioral and team development training. NATIONAL AERONAUTICS AND SPACE ADMINISTRATION (NASA) for example uses simulators to train astronauts before they decide for the exterior space. This sort of training is beneficial but the simulators are costly to develop. Part Playing: A role play can be used essentially to change attitudes and help people see things from the other individual's eyes. It can possibly be used to practice certain work, behavioral skills or pertaining to analyzing sociable problems. This type of training is somewhat more close to fact. The only negative aspect is that the workers may demonstrate hesitation function playing situations or may not possibly take it seriously.

Instructional Method

Training methods and teaching methods mean the same thing. Which usually instructional method is " right" for a particular lessons depends on a lot of things, and included in this are the grow older and developmental level of the scholars, what the students already know, and what they need to find out to succeed together with the lesson, the subject-matter articles, the objective of the lesson, the available persons, time, space and material resources, plus the physical establishing. Another, tougher problem is to choose an educational method that best fits their particular educating style as well as the lesson-situation. There is not any one " right" way of teaching a particular lesson, but there are some requirements that pertain to each that will help a educator make the greatest decision feasible.

Cooperative Learning


Helps promote mutual responsibility

Supported by analysis as an efficient technique

College students learn to have patience, less crucial and more compassionate


Some pupils don't work efficiently this way

Loners find it hard to share answers

Aggressive learners try to control

Bright college students tend to act superior



Tuning in exercise that enables creative thinking achievable ideas Motivates full engagement because most ideas are equally recorded Showcases group's experience and knowledge

Spirit of cooperation is made

One thought can spark off various other ideas


Needs to be limited to 5 - 7 mins

Students may well have difficulty...


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