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AP World History Practice Exam

Section I: Multiple-Choice Questions

Instructions (Based about those given on the actual AP Globe History Exam) Section My spouse and i of this examination contains seventy multiple-choice concerns. Mark your entire answers within the answer bed sheet included in the booklet. It is important to make note of that while you may write for the test on its own, answers should be transferred to the response document in the time allowed. Nothing crafted in the test booklet will probably be graded. After you have decided which will of the recommended answers is the most suitable, completely fill out the corresponding oval on the response sheet. Offer only one answer to each problem. If you alter an answer, ensure that the previous indicate is removed completely. This is a sample issue and response. SAMPLE PROBLEM SAMPLE ANSWER


The japanese is a A. B. C. state. metropolis. country.

M. continent.

a couple of


Employ your time efficiently, working when as you can without having to lose accuracy. Do not spend too much period on anybody question. Go on to the other questions and, if you have period, come back to people you have not answered. It is far from expected that everyone will know the answers to all of the multiple-choice questions. ABOUT GUESSING Every single correct response earns a point. There is no penalty for estimating; this is an alteration from earlier years. You should mark the very best answer you have for each question.




SECTION I actually Time—55 a few minutes 70 Inquiries Directions: Each one of the questions or incomplete statements below is usually followed by five suggested answers or completions. Select the one which is best in each case and then fill in the corresponding oblong on the response sheet. Take note: This examination uses the chronological designations BCE (before the common era) and VOTRE (common era). These brands correspond to BC (before Christ) and AD (anno Domini), which are used in some world background textbooks. 1 . For what period would archaeology first set out to find long lasting human negotiations? A. W. C. The Paleolithic The Classical Era The Fermete Age

G. The Neolithic 2 . Identify the affirmation that greatest begins evidence of the Neolithic Revolution. A. B. C. In North Europe, nomadic hunters began to produce more complex stone equipment. In East Asia, early on settlers started out using marks on turtle shells and bones because an early form of record keeping. In the Middle East, people began to settle in small communities and practice agriculture. M. In Mesoamerica, agricultural negotiations saw an expansion with their populations plus the beginning of more complex government authorities.



More reliable and abundant food supply Job specialty area based on a surplus of food Development of a more formal social pecking order Increased populace creating a few social stresses as traditional family/clan loyalties broke down


All of the previously mentioned resulted from what cultural change? A. B. C. The development of sophisticated government The adoption of agriculture The development of metal equipment

D. The growth of intricate, organized religion 4. Which usually of the following civilizations stocks the most in common with the Harappan civilization seen in the Indus River Pit? A. B. C. The Mogul Disposition in India The Tokugawa Shogunate in Japan The Olmec civilization in Mesoamerica

D. The Athenian city-state in historic Greece your five. Identify quite original contribution of the Hebrew culture towards the civilizations in the centre East and Mediterranean during the Classical Period. A. M. C. Monotheism Written legal code Phonetic alphabet

M. Priest famille





Discover the holy text that originated in the location shaded over after the immigration of the Aryan people from Central Asia, shown by arrow within the map. A. B. C. Torah The Analects Vedas

D. The Book with the Dead six. Confucianism proven political and social systems in Cina while how many other philosophy added significantly to China's...

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