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Grade 15 Review To get Final Exam - Solutions



1 . Briefly describe the testing for the next gases: (a) carbon dioxide transforms limewater milky - precipitates (b) o2 causes beautiful splint to re-ignite (c) hydrogen triggers burning splint to produce a put sound.

installment payments on your Sketch a periodic desk and labeled the main areas of the stand. See pg 184

several. Draw Bohr diagrams pertaining to the following atoms: (a) boron (b) sulphur (c) calcium supplements. [pic]

some. How many protons, neutrons, and bad particals, do the subsequent particles have: (a) C, (b) Confianza, (c) Cl-1, (d) Ca+2, (e) N-3?


your five. Use Bohr diagrams or perhaps Lewis appear in diagrams to show how an ionic bond forms among sodium and chlorine. [pic]

6. Work with Bohr diagrams or Lewis dot layouts to bring the elements produced if the following atoms join with the other person: (a) fluorine joining with fluorine;; (b) carbon signing up for with hydrogen; (c) o2 joining with hydrogen; (e) nitrogen becoming a member of with fluorine. In each case write down thier formula of the molecule developed.



(a) silver oxide(b) zinc fluoride(c) calcium chloride(d)strontium phosphide (e) barium iodide(f) sodium nitride(g) lead (II) chloride(h)tin(IV) fluoride (i) copper(I)sulfide(j) silver nitrate(k) lead (II) chlorate(l) calcium supplement sulphate (m) sodium carbonate(n)copper(II)hydroxide (o) aluminium bicarbonate

almost eight. Give the formula for the following compounds:

(a) sodium oxide Na2O(b) calcium supplements nitride Ca3N2

(c) li (symbol) iodide LiI(d) potassium phosphide K3P

(e) aluminum nitride AlN(f) salt fluoride NaF

(g) iron(II) bromide FeBr2(h) copper(I) nitride Cu3N

(i) lead(II) oxide PbO(j) magnesium (mg) carbonate MgCO3

(k) tin(II) nitrate Sn(NO3)2(l) lead(IV) chlorate Pb(ClO3)4

(m) potassium sulphate K2SO4(n) calcium mineral hydrogen carbonate


(o) calcium phosphate Ca3(PO4)2p)hydrochloric acidity HCl(aq)

q) sulfuric acidity H2SO4(aq)

on the lookout for. Balance the following chemical equations:

(a)Cl2 & 2 KI ( two KCl & I2

(b)4 FeO + O2 ( 2 Fe2O3

(c)2 Al2O3 + a few Si ( 3 SiO2 + 5 Al

(d)2 NaOH + H2SO4 ( Na2SO4 + 2 INGESTING WATER

(e)2 K + 2 H2O ( 2 KOH + H2

(f)Ca & 2 HClO3 ( Ca(ClO3)2 + H2

(g)N2O5 + 3 Li2O ( 2 Li3NO4

(h)2 C2H6 + 7 T-MOBILE ( four CO2 & 6 WATER

(i)2 H3PO4 + 3 Sr(OH)2 ( Sr3(PO4)2 & 6 WATER

(j)B2(SO4)3 + 3 Mg(HCO3)2 ( 2 B(OH)3 & 6 CO2 + 3MgSO4 10. Express the Law of Conservation of Mass. In different chemical reaction, the total mass from the reactants means the total mass of the goods

11. When 16. zero grams of sulphur is definitely reacted with copper, thirty-one. 8 grms of water piping is used up producing copper(II) sulphide. (a) Write out the term equation in this reaction.

Sulphur + copper ( copper (II) sulphide

(b) Precisely what is the mass of copper(II) sulphide created? Show your job! 16 g + 23. 8 g = forty seven. 8 g

c) What sort of reaction occurred? synthesis

12. List 3 observations that might indicate which a chemical reaction experienced occurred. Enhancements made on colour, precipitate forms, heat/light is created or soaked up, gas developed

13. Brand the 4 types of chemical reactions. Write down thier general contact form for each. Activity: A & B ( AB

Decomposition: AB ( A & B

Sole displacement: A + BC ( AIR CONDITIONING UNIT + N

Double shift: AB + CD ( AD & CB

13. What is (a) an endothermic reaction absorbs heat (b) an exothermic reaction emits heat

15. State (a) three real estate of stomach acids sour, respond with metals and carbonates, conduct electrical energy (b) 3 properties of bases bitter, feel slick, conduct electric power

16. Precisely what is the ph level...

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