International Market Research, Brazil versus India

 International Market Research, Brazil vs India Article


Cealtec background/ History

Cealtec Products Inc. is a Richmond, Britich columbia based company founded in 2007. CealTec™ is in the business of manufacturing and distributing new and advanced Nanotechnology Self-Healing Engine Treatment branded CealDoctor™.

Vision of the business - " Clean Air"

Provide a more affordable alternative to get prolonging engines life circuit, while reducing harmful LASER emission and smoke into the environment. (Reference to Cealtec website and Student IDENTIFICATION # International Market given on Mar 2013)

CealDoctor™ was developed in Daejeon, Korea by

Nanotechnology Inc. (NTI), a private company formed in 2002. NTI have been carrying out different R& M projects related to nanotechnology, and has developed and produced a pulsed line evaporation program to produce piccolo powders and lots of nano-products which includes CealDoctor™. In 2008 the Cealtec Group acquired unique worldwide advertising distribution rights of their technology. Cealtec has assembled an exceptional group of synergistic products and devices with ideal partners over the world to further it is ability to make sure CealDoctor™ Self-healing Engine Treatment options are referred to as a significant nanotechnology to reduce emissions and profit the performance and your life cycle of reciprocating fossil fuelled search engines.

Description of Product

CealDoctor™ Self-healing Engine Treatments treat and restoration all types of fossil fuelled search engines and electricity plants and are also suitable for ANY KIND OF gasoline or diesel engine. CealDoctor™ power is the use of an innovative metallic nano dust that maintenance the damaged areas of the engines tube walls and rings as the parts of the engine staying targeted will be metal.

Conventional engine treatments offer a great unreliable layer and are made out of Molybdenum Disulphide (MoS2), graphite and Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). These types of ingredients quickly degrade in high temperature environments, leading to regular applications In contrast, CealDoctor YOU POSSESS. This means that the particles contained in the CealDoctor™ self-healing engine remedies actually become part of the machines that they are added to. CealDoctor™ Copper-Nickel (Cu-Ni) blend particles connect into the mini pores of damaged and worn areas to create a everlasting heal and do not oxidize under the high temperatures. This means that frequent re-application is not necessary, although a yearly software is a positive solution and a good component to a regular maintenance " green plan”. Think of it as a " magnetic puzzle”. The goal of molecular manufacturing is always to manipulate atoms individually and place them in a routine to produce a preferred structure. Atoms and molecules stick with each other because they may have complementary styles that secure together, or charges that attract.

Merchandise Benefits

CealDoctor™ Self-healing Engine Treatment can be utilized in virtually any type of fossil fuelled, combustion engine including bio-diesel and ethanol and is used in an array of engines which include motorcycle, automobile, locomotives, generation devices, industrial gear as well as sea applications. CealDoctor™ recovers the damage that occurs inside the cylinder's interior surface and forms a film of Copper-Nickel (Cu-Ni) to protect against the seapage of compression pressure. CealDoctor™ also helps to protect against imperfect combustion—an concern that plagues engines because they age. CealDoctor™ engine treatment also helps to seal the crank and camshaft areas by creating a film of Cu-Ni nano particles. To complete this protection, the nano powdered acts as a solid lubricant very much like a ball bearing, minimizing power-robbing frictional resistance. The nano material powder makes heat copy more efficient, enhancing cooling functionality of most burning engines.

Benefits of using CealDoctor™ include:

• Contributes to moving government emissions testing

• Reduces damaging CO2 Release

• Reduces oil usage

• Expands the life routine of many machines

• Minimizes smoke by 30-40%



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