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Biology Product B1 - Topic one particular

Classification, variation and gift of money

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Display an understanding showing how biologists

classify organisms relating to just how closely they may be

related to one another including:

a Species – groups of organisms that have many

features in accordance

b Genus – includes several types with related


c Family – comprising of several genera

d Order – including of many families

elizabeth Class – comprising of several requests

f Phylum – composed of of several classes

g The Five Kingdoms – animalia, plantae, fungi,

protoctista and prokaryotes

Describe the main characteristics with the five kingdoms


a Animalia – multicellular, might not have cell wall surfaces, do

not have chlorophyll, feed heterotrophically

m Plantae – multicellular, have cell wall space, have

chlorophyll, feed autotroprically

c Disease – multicellular, have cellular walls, don’t have

chlorophyll, give food to saprophytically

m Protoctista – unicellular, have a nucleus

e Prokaryotes – unicellular, have no nucleus

Explain so why scientists tend not to classify malware in any of

the five kingdoms and regard all of them as non-living

Describe the primary characteristics with the phylum

Chordata as family pets with a assisting rod operating the

length of the body, a good example of this being the

backbone in vertebrates

Explain just how scientists place vertebrates in groups

depending on:

a O2 absorption strategies – lung area, gills and skin

b Reproduction – internal or external fertilisation,

oviparous or perhaps viviparous

c Thermoregulation – homeotherms and poikilotherms

Show an understanding in the problems

connected with assigning vertebrates to a particular

group depending on their body structure and duplication

methods and why a large number of vertebrates will be difficult to

sort out

Discuss so why the definition of any species as organisms

that produce fertile offspring may well have constraints:

some creatures do not constantly reproduce sexually

and some hybrids are fertile

Explain for what reason binomial category is needed to

determine, study and conserve species, and can be

used to target preservation efforts

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Describe how appropriate classification may be

complicated by:

a variation within a species

b hybridisation in other poultry

c band species

Build and employ keys to exhibit how varieties can be


Explain how organisms happen to be adapted for their

environment and how some organisms have

attributes that enable them to survive in extreme

environments, which include deep-sea hydrothermal vents

and polar parts

Demonstrate an awareness of Darwin's theory of

evolution by simply natural collection including:

a variation – most populations of organisms contain

persons which differ slightly from to another

w over-production – most creatures produce even more

young than will survive to adulthood

c have difficulty for lifestyle – since populations tend not to

generally maximize rapidly in proportions there must consequently

be significant competition to get survival between your


deb survival- those with advantageous characteristics are

more likely to survive this kind of struggle

elizabeth advantageous characteristics inherited – better

adapted organisms may reproduce

efficiently passing for the advantageous

features to their children

f continuous change – over a period of period the percentage

of individuals with all the advantageous attributes in

the population will increase compared to the

proportion of individuals with poorly designed

characteristics, plus the poorly adapted characteristics

may well eventually be lost

Explain variation because continuous or discontinuous

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