HCS 455 Week 2 Medicare Into the Social Problems

 HCS 455 Week two Medicare Health and Social Issues Essay


Medicare Health and Social Concerns

Carrie " Shellie" Cobbs

University of Phoenix

Medical Policy

HCS 455

Draw Haddock

July 13, 2014

Medicare Health and Social Issues

Discuss the and societal issues that impacted the development of the Medicare/Medicaid medical care policy Health problems

Treatment was created more than 40 years ago to help seniors and disabled citizens with access to medical care if they were doing not have business health insurance. In 2014, fifty four million People in america are getting Medicare rewards. As stated by Emily L. Walker, Medicare is " considered both equally a huge accomplishment that has markedly improved the health of the nation's elderly and a great unbelievably complicated, unsustainable program that accounts for an ever-increasing portion of the federal budget” (Walker, 2010, p. 1). Medicare is vital to the panorama of the American health care program. Medicare is vital to getting patients access to attention they may do not have had before. Societal issues

Although Treatment helps tens of millions of americans it is not devoid of costs to society. Medicare covers simple medical costs with some out-of-pocket expenses for the patients. Nevertheless , Medicare would not offer long lasting benefits pertaining to nursing homes and long-term facilities for extended care. This creates the need to have some people on Medicare as well apply for Medicaid to cover the extended costs of medical care that are not have Medicare. Additionally , Physicians have been completely left with the responsibility to keep costs down intended for Medicare patients while the yearly reimbursement continue to be drop. When ever Medicare drops their prices commercial insurance companies, that foundation their rates off of Treatment reimbursement costs, drop all their reimbursement to be treated of patients that are not in Medicare for that reason affecting Physicians income and abilities to back up their procedures. References

Walker, E. P. (2010). The history of Medicare insurance and its effect on American health care. Gathered from...

Sources: Walker, Electronic. P. (2010). The history of Medicare as well as its influence in American health care. Retrieved coming from

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