Essay in Hamlet

Transition Words and phrases

(from the Gordon Graydon Academic Handbook)


to be able to, since, in order that, because, on those grounds, with a view to, accordingly, because of this, for this reason, hence, on account of, inevitably, naturally, therefore, thereupon, beneath these circumstances, wherefore �


similarly, by the same token, within a like manner, in the same way, as surely, similarly, paralleling, fairly speaking, at the same time �

Level of resistance, Shift or perhaps Contrast:

though, but , in comparison, by comparison, contrarily, conversely, in spite of, even so, other than, for all that, however , in contrast, in spite of, instead, nevertheless, in spite of, on the contrary, however, otherwise, rather, still, even though, unlike, although, yet, besides, nonetheless, �

Examples or perhaps Illustration:

for instance , another example, as facts, evidence of this kind of, for instance, for the same reason, within case, indeed, in fact , especially, in this case, with this situation, particularly, on this occasion, especially, specifically, that is, to be sure, to illustrate, to tell the truth �

Continuation of Thought:

additionally , once again, also, and, and so on, then, another reason, as well as, at last, besides, equally important, finally, further, furthermore, in addition , additionally to, in addition, in conclusion, in fact, indeed, actually in the first place, in the next place, in the same manner, in this manner, previous, lastly, also, moreover, specifically, much more interesting, next, nor, now, naturally , of increased appeal, in other words, then, too, what is more �


to begin with, first, second third, finally, after, after this, afterward, in the beginning, at the outset, at this point, at this time, prior to this, at the same time, consequently, after this, for now, for the moment, immediately, to summarize, in the first place, inside the second place, last, next, now, earlier this, recently, simultaneously, consequently, then


therefore , in summary, hence, for this reason, for these reasons, basically, in short, to conclude, on the whole, in conclusion, to summarize, in conclusion, in essence, in other words

Essay Stage Form Describe (Apperance versus Reality)

(based on the Gordon Graydon Educational Handbook)

Launch Paragraph

1 ) A general affirmation about your topic: (there is no mention but of the publication or any personas; can be one to two sentences)

The behaviour of individuals may is very much different than what they really are

installment payments on your A statement which refers the topic to society: (there is no talk about yet in the book or any characters; can be one to two sentences)

For example , in society a person might inform his better half that he's truly deeply in love with her spouse when the truth is he might always be having an affair with another woman

3. Direct your matter to the creators and text messaging: (all has to be mentioned)

The characters of Hamlet, Claudius, And Rosencrantz from Shakespeare's Hamlet all behave in a different way to develop a specific process

4. Thesis statement: (your opinion plus the 3 elements to be utilized to support it in your body paragraphs)

Hamlet, Claudius and Rosencrantz appear differently to others, manage situation through this behavior, and as a result undergo the consequences of these actions

Physique Paragraph one particular – Appearance To Others

Transition word: ____________

Topic Phrase: (must range from the essay topic linked to the initial argument with the thesis) Hamlet, Claudius, and Rosencrantz look one way to others while looking to accomplish a different goal

Move word: Initial

Point a):

Hamlet appears to be insane to people around him, but in truth he is looking to devise an agenda to avenge his daddy

Proof/Quote: (separate sentence with context of quotation)

For instance , when Hamlet first earnings from speaking to his father's ghost he frightens Ophelia with his rage and anger, however this is due to the fact that he is even now in a...

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