Great Depression and New Offer Study Guideline

 Great Depression and New Package Study Guideline Essay

Great Depression and New Deal Analyze Guide:


Causes/Effects in the Great Depression: widespread banking failures. The banking companies invested someones money in the stock market and created key losses. Desired goals of the New Deal- 3 goals: alleviation for the needy, financial recovery, and financial change Causes of the Dust Bowl

The Bonus Army

The Crash of 1929


Herbert Hoover- was the president in the beginning of the 1930s. He was the republican nominee but he realized later that he had no more he could carry out. Franklin G. Roosevelt- was your democratic nominee for workplace against Director Hoover; he was known commonly as FDR, a two-term governor of recent York and a far away cousin of former Director Theodore Roosevelt. He came up with the New Offer. Huey Long-


Social Reliability Act- This act founded a system that provided retirement years pension for workers, survivor's benefits intended for victims of industrial accidents, unemployment insurance, and air to get defendant mothers and children, the sightless and physically disabled. | Fair Labor Standards Act- This suspended child labor and set a minimum wage. This kind of law was a long anticipated triumph for the progressive-era social reformers. | Countrywide Labor Relations Act (Wagner act) - Reestablished the NIRA provision of group bargaining. The us government again protected the right of workers to participate unions and have interaction in ordinaire bargaining with employers. Likewise prohibited unfair labor practices such as harmful workers, shooting union people, and interfering with union organizing. | Works Improvement Administration- Set out to create as much jobs as possible as quick as possible. The WPA created or repaired schools, medical center, airfields, and so forth Between 1935 and 1943, it put in $11 billion dollars to give jobs to much more than 8 mil workers, most of them unskilled. They build eight hundred fifty airports, constructed/repaired 651, 500 miles of roads and streets and put up more than 125, 000 public properties. | |...

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