Getting Started

 Getting Started Composition

Dropbox Speedy Start

Precisely what is Dropbox?

Dropbox is a cost-free service that allows you to bring all your photos, docs, and movies anywhere. Virtually any file one saves to your Dropbox will also automatically save for all your personal computers, phones, as well as the Dropbox website. This means that you can start focusing on your computer by school and also the office, and finish on your home computer. Never email yourself a document again!

The Dropbox File

After you mount Dropbox on your desktop, a Dropbox folder is made. If you're looking over this guide, in that case that means you had no challenges finding the Dropbox file: ). This folder is the same as any other folder on your computer, but with a angle. Any file you save on your Dropbox file is also kept to all your other personal computers, phones, as well as the Dropbox website.

On top of your Dropbox is a green icon that allows you to know how your Dropbox has been doing:

Green group of friends and examine: All the files in your Dropbox are up to date.

Green circle and arrows: Data files in your Dropbox are currently staying updated.

Adding files to your Dropbox

Step 1 Drag and drop folders into your Dropbox folder.

2 The green icon means your file's syncing with Dropbox.

That is it! The green icon ensures that your п¬Ѓle has finished saving on your other pcs and the Dropbox website. Now that your file's in Dropbox, any changes made to it will probably be automatically detected and up to date to your different computers.

The Dropbox Right-click/Context Menu

At the time you Right-Click (Windows/Linux) or Control-Click (Mac) a п¬Ѓle or perhaps folder within your Dropbox, you will see a menu that lets you start a few neat things with Dropbox:


Share a Folder Request your friends, along with teammates into a folder inside your Dropbox. It'll be as if you saved that folder straight to their particular computers.


View Previous Versions Perspective a record of alterations made to data. You can decide to go back to an early on version of a file if you require.


Browse on Dropbox Website Look at a п¬Ѓle on the...

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