Having Homeless Experts Back on the right track

 Essay regarding Getting Destitute Veterans Back on Track

Ashley Amargo

British 112-3

Final Draft

The fall of 15, 2012

Getting Destitute Veterans Again On Track

In every city there are many people that go on the pavements, dress in rags, and beg for food and cash. In Southern California, there are about 671, 859 people that will be homeless and 76, 1000 of them are veterans according to the National Alliance to End Homelessness (Veterans, par 1). According to Oldtimer " Veterans are twice as probably be homeless than civilians” (par 4), this really is a problem in Southern California because veterans have served the country to offer us the freedom we have and we see them as " dirty and frequently frail” in respect to Alice Baum and Donald Melts away (A Country in Denial, p 11). Veterans who have are desolate might suffer from mental health problems like Content Traumatic Tension Disorder (PTSD), have an alcoholic beverages or medication addiction or perhaps both, also veterans might not have the meaningful or economic support of their family. There are numerous solutions to these kinds of problems: individuals who do not have family that are unable to give them the support they need, there should be real estate for the veterans to offer them the feeling of support that to the people who suffer from homelessness. For mental illnesses, well being clinics may provide their services to get retired experienced each week. To get alcohol or drug addictions, programs including support groups can be exclusively to get veterans. Family is an important take into account everyone's eyes. For the family of seasoned who merely came back by Iraq or Afghanistan could be a bit of a problem. Not only does the veteran have to readjust, their family also has to readjust, and that can cause problems in the home. " Research shows that the highest risk elements for homelessness are insufficient support and social isolation after discharge” (Veteran Homelessness Facts, equiparable 11). Veterans who do not have the support of their family members can then lead to homelessness since they might think that nobody loves you. For veterans to have that tight connection with his...

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