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Field Study Proposal

The pitch for my own final project is to do a field research on a Navy blue Federal Credit Union part located in the Hampton Highways area by 7979 Hampton Boulevard, Norfolk, Virginia 23511. Navy Federal Credit Union is a companyВ in the finance industry andВ its headquarters is located in Vienna, VA. This particular branch is known as a service offering business that employs twenty three employees, two of which are managers and two are supervisors. Their services incubuses a variety of financial services to include cash transactions, all types of loans, insurance, investments, Specific Retirement Accounts (IRA's), as well as the simple savings and checking accounts for your entire day to time living. Just like any other credit assemblage they provide something which is limited to individuals that could become a member. Becoming a member you have to be either inside the military, Office of Protection (DOD) employee, or a loved one of one. A member of a credit union as well becomes a part owner in which they can vote and elected their leader and panel of administrators. Navy National Credit Union's Headquarter has developed guidelines because of their employees and so there is an equal and set standard among their divisions. For example we have a Navy Federal government Code of Ethics which governs just how all managing and personnel conduct themselves in daily operations. Intended for my field study I will narrow my personal discussion into group protection which covers the behavior of groups and leader-member exchange. I will accomplish this by meeting with both the part manager and one employee. This will allow me personally to develop the two outlooks within the situation and compare and contrast. Will leader tendencies have an immediate impact on achievement of its employees and overall business? Interviewees:

1 ) Mary Mattice: Branch d?ner

2 . Debbie Leverett: Affiliate service representative

Upon primary observation Navy Federal Credit rating Union feels like a well-oiled workforce. This year, Fortune's 95 Best Firms to Improve listed Navy blue Federal Credit Union ninety fifth which better this year rank 56th. A single must take note of this achievements and realise that the work environment for employees can be sensational. I would assume that managers and employees have superb communication and are also able to offer their services while using best knowledge for the consumer. I believe that these interpersonal abilities the part manager uses it what allows her to develop the right plan for her branch in achieve the very best outcome. This is due to she singularly knows her employees and may organize all of them where they best suit the branch general. The conversation also energizes the desire to follow someone that shows interest in you which helps her lead. I think this close interaction with her branch helps her control the plans and overall operation of her branch. Allowing for her to improve and correct a problem that comes up quickly to keep up peak performance for their clients. The following are interview protocols for each and every interview.


Brand _______________________________Title_________________Date_________ Group/ Department ____________________Years of Service______ Phone_________ Interviewed by___________________________________________

My spouse and i am doing a field research on the effects of a manager when it comes to the planning, organizing, leading, and handling. To prepare with this event, I am just interviewing two individuals to find out about their experiences in hopes to understand how the branch can be run. Let me locate and understand administration practices and skills which usually lead your branch to success or failure. In other words, I i am interested in your day to working day operations along with your involvement this what happens. The information you present in this interview will be used to get ready my evaluation on your department and how this management skill may or may not operate. More importantly my own interest is learning from the experience....

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