Feasibility Examine in Cookies with Malunggay

 Essay upon Feasibility Research in Cookies with Malunggay


Nowadays, the cultivation of vegetables is partially essential for it has an increasing demand for the people continuously consuming or using it. Many vegetables like Malunggay have been used since historical time for diverse purposes. They can be used since source of ingredients for the availability of alternate medicines, & nitrogen-laden as well as additive in foods.

Malunggay (MORINGGA OLEIFERA LAM) is a single popular vegetable for its lively curing attributes as it is being utilized and known as Horseradish in English. We all believe that horseradish is very nutritious; it is known as " Wonder Vegetables”, because it can cure diseases and that serve as an anti-oxidant that will help us to take care of our health. It may sure problems like hypertonie, asthma, ulcers and refreshing leaves mixed with coconut oil applied to injuries and slashes. This vegetables has very thin leaflets, white bouquets and aromatic and have long ribbed pods and it is located nearly every garden when desired. It of the extended ribbed pods are edible and often employed in Indian curries, though the pores and skin is removed and only the pulp is definitely sucked in what is seemingly incredibly nutritious.

The people today are not enough nutrients within their body. But as part of a wholesome people today, I understand I can appeal to potential buyers that patronize this proposal merchandise. This is to produce a new product that is easily refined, marketable as well as an additional to the existing cookies which take healthy rewards. CHAPTER I actually

I. Summary of the Task

Yuy's Nutri-Delight Manufacturing

Name of firm

Plant Position

The plant precise location of the proponent was located by Ilaor En allant sur, Oas, Albay. I chose this kind of location because of its abundance in water and " horseradish” as one of the primary ingredient of my pitch product.

The proponent is definitely residing at barangay Ilaor Sur, so that it would be simple to inspect, control and take care of the production place. It is the ideal location for the production from the proponent's product, the " YUY'S Nutrified-Cookies with Malunggay”. (See determine 3 to get the location map from the location of the organization. )

Item Description and Specification

Nutrified Cookies can be a product that comes out with the healthier ingredients. Costly innovation of ordinary cookies made of flour, sugar, normal water and other elements for making cookies. Ingredients of innovated and ordinary cookies are mostly likewise except that Malunggay is added to make each of our product a fortified munch suited for healthy conscious generation of people today.

The process of producing Malunggay drink and dust are after that added with chocolate or perhaps milk as flavor enhancer. These are cooked together shaped into styles like groups, square and star.

The innovations with the shapes will be the proponent idea to attract children/people as one of their very own potential buyers.

Marketplace Projection

The YUY's Nutri-Delight manufacturing can be found near their property to minimize big expenses of the building. The proponent selected the place of the project in the residence because it will not require more concerns regarding towards the business. The proponent anticipated that people will accept it since it can minimize their some spend more money going to city just to purchase cookies and bread.

This business is only a jogging distance from house and schools and in addition they not find any problem due to the good mood, inexpensive and affordable location to work in.

Industry Sharer

This project consider to grab for least fully share on the market because zero competitors in said place where business establish. It will also help to make the project strong in her starting procedure.

Market Prices

Every single business whenever possible wants present their products in the lowest possible selling price to make this affordable for the purchasers. Table you

Pricing Scheme

By Piece| Prices

you pc| в‚± 2 . 00

6 computers in you pack| в‚± 10. 00

15 computers in one particular pack| в‚± 20. 00

Methods of Financing

The project will be borrowed by the primary investment of the...

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