Case Study: Apna Bazaar

 Case Study: Apna Bazaar Article



Submitted by: Adarsh

• 1984 and 2011 are very different markets and different consumers. Customers needs and wants will keep on elevating over a period of time.

• Seeing this growth as the opportunity, giants organized retailers include started their very own hypermarket and supermarket sequence, stocking a really wide range of product varieties within their stores.

• While using mushrooming of giant structured retailers available in the market the brand of one the pioneers in FMCG retailing " Apna Bazaar” started to fade away in the minds of especially the more recent generation.

• To be able to attract and retain more and more customers, Apna Bazaar has to be at similar with the big retailers regarding product kinds, prices & services. Therefore , the strategy that " Apna Bazaar” could take up would be to generate more catalog into their item portfolio selection keeping in mind providing full providers to it is customers about the products.

• As you can see in the classes also that previously Apna Bazaar didn't carry out much of the marketing for their brand, but now enough time has changed, customer is improved, now there can be described as tough competition and survive with this market they market their very own brand.

The challenges intended for Apna Bazaar

i)Strong competition from other big organized stores.


iii)New range of merchandise varieties.

iv) Rentals.


• It should set-up it is stores in the right position where it could reached the maximum goal customers.

• It can organize a delivery van (store on wheels) stocking types of items in it and go promote to their customers.

• Now days individuals are using really internet, to allow them to open their online internet site where customer can store.

• They must emphasize even more on interior decoration of the shop because now consumer is extremely particular about that.

• They may have come up...

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