Precisely what are the Key achievement factors in the low-cost flight industries?

 What are the real key success elements in the low-cost airline industries? Essay





Honored by the Asia e University



Submission deadline: 8th FEBRUARY 2014

by or perhaps before five. 30pm

Project Question

Case Study: Kulula. com: now any person can take flight in South Africa. Conduct a strategic planning evaluation of Kulula. com simply by critically considering the following ideal concerns:

Exactly what are the importance characteristics and the positions of the airlines within the Southern region African home-based and worldwide passenger flight industry? Exactly what the Key accomplishment factors inside the low-cost airline industries? (40 marks)

Could the online marketing strategy still be appropriate or could certain facets of it should be modified since kulula. com became more established and the macro and competitive environment transformed? Alternatively, even if the strategy would still be appropriate, will the connection campaign need an overhaul, particularly in its creative setup? What are the Strategic group map case in point in the low-cost airline industry? (40 Marks)

Critically evaluate the Kulula. com's business model just how forward to get the airline industry? (20 Marks)

Guide for Task Preparation


Treat all the four jobs as several separate inquiries which you need to answer in report formatting.

In giving an answer to these queries, you will be demonstrating your knowledge of strategic planning material.

Each of the four inquiries is weighted equally.

Use business strategy models and concepts to analyse the case.

The total word count to get the four questions should never exceed 4500 words. Virtually any background information on the company can be in the appendix which will not really be considered inside the word depend.

A citation should be included at the end of the document. Students are expected to support their responses to the several questions with a minimum of 20 (20) several academic references, sources and citation to be able to support the arguments and analyses being created.

Caution against plagiarism -The purpose of the consumer assignment is usually to enable you improve your independent pondering and examination of the issues covered in this time. Avoid virtually any form of stealing subjects, as this will likely be penalized according to existing University'srules.

Assignment Recommendations

1 . Answers are crafted one-sided, applying Times Fresh Roman web site, size doze, double spread out. The task should be done 8-10 pages (excluding appendices).

2 . References should be included and taken from dependable sources such as books and journals using the Harvard referencing system.

3. Stealing articles, copying and cheating are not tolerated, wherever no represents will be honored.

four. Comb bind the assignment well.

5. The cover in the assignment includes the following:

Name of university, faculty and training course

Brand of college student, metric quantity, programme

Name of instructor

Address, e-mail and telephone number


Students will receive an overall grade on such basis as his/her efficiency on the components of assessment. Each piece of assessment will be designated based on overall performance criteria that havebeen produced for each item and be granted a numerical result. The actual outcome for the course will be graded inside the following approach:


Moreover to passing requirements, thestudent has proven achievement in most objectives with the course in a extremely high level of functionality. Student capable to demonstrate knowledge of relevant ideal planning ideas and tactics. Depth of understanding of exterior and inner strategic positioning issues and extent of critical analysis is very well laid out. The job is set within a context in which widerreading and appreciation of the strategic planning context is usually obvious. This may lead to clear notion of the crucial aspects of the...

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