Aspects of Poetry Handout

 Elements of Poetry Handout Research Paper

Elements of Poetry

Stanza - A stanza is to a poem exactly what a university paragraph should be to a piece of prosaic writing -- a fixed range of lines of verse building a single device of a poem.

A couplet is a stanza that has only 2 lines.

A tercet is composed of 3 lines.

A quatrain consists of 4 lines.

A cinquain has your five lines.

A sestet comprises 6 lines.

A sonnet is a complete poem with exactly 18 lines.

Vocally mimic eachother - The repetition of sounds End rhyme- the final word on each series rhymes. Figurative Language – a creative manifestation of words in information Alliteration - The repetition of the first letter or perhaps sound in two or more terms in a collection. Onomatopoeia -- words that spell out sounds; words that sound like what they mean. Simile – a comparison between two usually unrelated things employing " as” or " like” Metaphor- direct comparison of two unrelated things

Hyperbole -- an hyperbole for the sake of emphasis

Personification -- giving individual characteristics to inanimate things, ideas, or perhaps animals. Symbolism

Emblematic is something that stands for alone, but likewise something larger than itself. It could be a person, an animal, an inanimate object, or a task. A writer generally uses a cement object to convey an subjective idea, an excellent, or a belief. A symbol may possibly appeal to a reader's thoughts and can provide a way expressing an idea, communicate a message, or perhaps clarify meaning

Imagery -- Using terms to create a picture in the reader's mind. Images is the utilization of words to create pictures, or images, in your thoughts. Appeals to the five detects: smell, look, hearing, taste and contact. Details about odours, sounds, colors, and flavor create solid images. To develop vivid photos writers work with figures of speech.


Mood may be the atmosphere, or perhaps emotion, inside the poem developed by the poet. Can be happy, angry, foolish, sad, fired up, fearful or thoughtful. Poet person uses words and phrases and images to develop mood.

Author's purpose allows determine feeling.

Tone - is the frame of mind writers take...

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