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Education is a topmost goal of the govt of Pakistan Awami Tehreek. The literacy rate will probably be raised through adult education movement and by imparting formal and relaxed education in a period of 10 years through a superb educational revolution. The first priority of the manifesto of Pakistan Awami Tehreek is education for a lot of (EFA).

The literacy price will be raised up to 90% in the next 10 years.

The educational system from the primary stage to the level of university or college will be altered in the next a decade by improving the modern and developed educational system.

In line with the new educational policy the teachers will probably be trained in order to enhance their skills to meet the demands of new styles in education.

The educational activities based upon pondering and understanding will be began systematically via early education and primary level.

The basic familiarity with ideology of Pakistan and Islamic research will be incorporated in the programs at every level.

The educational establishments and program will be cleared of every sort of sectarian, local, linguistic and sectional biases and hate.

For the effective setup of educational reforms educational devolution system will be forced in the section of education.

Efforts created for the propagate of education in the personal sector will be encouraged at every level.

Technology will be advertised at monetary, educational and industrial levels.

The recommended reforms may also be implemented in the seminaries to integrate all of them in the national mainstream.

Esteem for man rights, secret of rules and charity donor behaviour will be made section of the curriculum of every level.

Principal education confirmation card (PECC) for children will probably be issued through the entire country.

The quantity of the students will never be allowed to exceed by 31. For this purpose the double change system will probably be started in the colleges so that the college students are able to get maximum individual attention of the professors.

A special educational fund will be set up to get the higher education of the reliant and needy students. Dealers, industrialists, abundant citizens and folks with great economic position will bring about this account on the basis of percentage of their profits.

Our authorities will inflict educational urgent throughout nation to achieve 90% literacy charge under 10-year educational strategy. According for this plan, fresh educational institutions of every level should come into getting and twice shift program will be released in the existing schools. Thus the number of language schools will twice through the introduction of this program.

A ‘National Education Force' comprising of the jobless well-informed youth will probably be established intended for the availability of educational staff, which will set up efforts pertaining to the achievements of 90% literacy rate.

All Pakistaner schools, colleges, universities and research centers will be linked to the national industrial enterprises in order that the theoretical and practical expertise is harmonized.

Volunteer grant schemes would be launched at national level for the training of the c PAT upon FB

Education is the best priority from the government of Pakistan Awami Tehreek. The literacy rate will be increased through adult education movements and by providing formal and informal education within a amount of 10 years by using a great educational revolution. The first concern of the manifesto of Pakistan Awami Tehreek is education for all (EFA).

The literacy rate will probably be raised about 90% over the following 10 years.

The educational system through the initial stage to the amount of university will probably be changed within the next 10 years by simply enforcing the modern and designed educational program.

In keeping with the brand new educational policy the teachers will be been trained in order to enhance their competence to satisfy the demands of recent trends in education.

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