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Faculty of Administration Studies

Major Research Project


" To analyze Salaried Staff Perception To Tax Keeping Schemes”

Dissertation submitted in partial happiness of the requirement of the degree of Learn of Organization Administration (2009 – 2011)

Submitted To: Submitted By simply: Prof. Prerna Sharma Ms. Nitika Laddha Bamoriya M. B. A IV Search engine optimization Finance and Marketing



This is to certify that Ms. Nitika Laddha, a student of MBA IV semester in the year (2009-2011) with Fund and Promoting as specialty area from FMS (Acropolis Institute of Technology and Research), has effectively completed the research project eligible as " The Understanding of Salaried Employees towards Tax Saving Schemes”. During the course of her study and provides submitted the project report towards partial fulfillment of the degree of Expert of Business Administration coming from Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore.

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I actually Nitika Laddha hereby announce that the main research project eligible " The Perception of Salaried Personnel towards Taxes Saving Schemes” is my own, personal research work done under the advice of Prof. Prerna Sharma Bamoriya, Teachers of Management Studies, Tower Institute of Technology and Research, Indore.

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Ms. Nitika Laddha


I would like expressing my appreciation and sincere thanks to my own project guideline Prof. Prerna Sharma Bamoriya, Faculty of Management Studies, Acropolis Company of Technology and Research, for instilling confidence in me to undertake this study and extending useful guidance and encouragement occasionally without which usually it would not have been conceivable to undertake and the task.

I would love to give thanks to our Overseer Prof. Sumer Singh for kind co-operation and support.

Ms. Nitika Laddha MBA IV Sem


This research is done to assess " The Belief of Salaried Employees to Tax Keeping Schemes. ” This task is a a part of my academic curriculum. This report is usually divided into 11 chapters.

The first part gives a brief Introduction regarding the topic and its various ideas i. electronic. definitions of salary, belief, salaried employees and tax saving techniques. It also says that the particular tax keeping schemes will be and the quantity of deductions available on this kind of schemes.

The other chapter is related to the Review of Literary works. In this section for the review the references was taken from various studies performed earlier by researchers from the internet, books and journals.

The next chapter shows the brief cause of this analysis i. e Rationale of study.

Your fourth chapter handles the Goals of the analyze. It consists of four aims.

The 5th chapter is related to the Research Methodology. In this section besides briefly explaining different types of research methods, the composition of technique used in...

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