Customer's Revenge

 Essay regarding Customer’s Payback


PGDM 2013-15 BATCH

Human Resource Management Case Study

Just how should Atida deal with its unhappy consumers?

Group Number 5

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Prof. Parikshit Mahankal Apurvkumar Rai (Roll No . 13) Prof. C. BhaveSnehal Bandekar (Roll No . 15)

Yamini Chheda (Roll No . 25)

Prasad Nigade (Roll No . 71)

Viren Patil (Roll No . 79)

Mayur Kadam (Roll No . 81)

Ashwini Rokade (Roll Number )

Exec Summary


Case is about the Atida Motor Business which is a well used automobile company. They lately launched the modern XL model of popular Andromeda series. Nevertheless , they are getting numerous complaints from the customer about awful performance & breakdown with the XL unit. Facts

Rick McIntire is Vice President (V. P. ) of customer support at ‘Atida Motor Company' Bill Watkins is CEO of ‘Angel Airlines'

Jim narrates his negative experience with the Airline Organization when his baggage was stolen. Atida motor offers a customer service call middle.

They are obtaining 3000 complaint calls daily for latter months Andromeda XL premiered two months in the past

Company has also thought about financial compensation plan which they tend not to find ideal. Problems Recognized

Problems for call center.

Poor service to existing customer as a result of which there is certainly lack of client satisfaction. No speedy reply and Long holding out time to take customers protest or interrogation at local agent. Not educated representative in call center.

It is going to affect revenue of firm and decrease in loyal buyers. Problem in maintenance

Slow response to grievances with the customer.

Zero immediate service to the customer.

Problem in production

Not any proper top quality control during production due to which there is problem of model Andromeda XL.

Recommendation & Solutions

Suggestions for local agent

There should be educated representative at customer service local agent. Atida should certainly increase the range of employees in...

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