Crucible Questions

 Crucible Queries Essay

Identity: January being unfaithful, 2012

Act four queries for review

HOMEWORK: BECAUSE OF TUESDAY January 10, 2011 (35 points)

For each problem below, solution in your own words and phrases with and explain the what, how come, how…Include a quotation coming from Act four which reveals your understanding.

1 . What is the effect of Sarah Good's and Tituba's talk about flying south? How come Miller consist of it? a. Both know that they are going to die, that they terribly lack a chance of living. m. They want their freedom…talking/day dreaming

c. It offers Tituba figure dimension, her life, her dream

we. " Also majesty comin'” (The devil is coming)

d. Tituba has recognized the label of devil worshiper

2 . Just how has Parris changed? So why doesn't the news that Abigail and Whim have left town affect the decision of the the courtroom? How can be Danforth a victim of his very own logic? Parris

a. Making anyone who this individual deems " evil” general public. Wanted everybody to be on his side. b. Lots of electricity at the beginning. Danforth stole his power. c. Got scared. Abigail stole all of his money. Not any support, Abigail stole his power wonderful voice. Makes him appearance really foolish. i. His only defense was Abigail

ii. Burning off all of his money devalues his place Salem, and he appears stupid as a result of Abigail's activities 1 . " Excellency, I would personally postpone these types of hangings for the time” Danforth

a. Was listening to the girls the entire time, which lead to fatalities. b. Danforth was following a word of God.

c. Religion…Danforth is clasping at straws.

a. Every time Danforth discovers logic in something, there exists evidence to disprove his theory. we. Others observe Danforth while someone bullheaded, doesn't want to be wrong. The judge, court and delivery, no one provides any reason to believe him anymore.

3. So why has Blooming returned? Just how has he changed? Why has this individual changed?

four. Why does Danforth allow Elizabeth to speak to Ruben Proctor? Just how has she changed toward her spouse? Why will not she consider Hale's suggestions?

5. Just how and how come Giles die? Why wasn't he hanged?


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