creative subjects

 creative subjects Essay


Name: Lina Huang

Associated with children in classroom: 4-5 yrs older

Focus of Interest Center (literacy, math or science): Obstructs area intended for building and spatial encounter

Planning for Interest Middle:

Some multi-colored pictures about all kinds of development toys and its different design and ideas Equipment for building work

Learning objectives:

The reason why I selected this subject because I came across most children like to gather at this area. As well, the learning characteristic of this age bracket is to manipulate toys. I would like to kids may learn from this kind of topic at the following location:

Shapes and Spatial idea

Sharing and team work experience

Be imaginative based on fake

Expand children's language and language by talking about their buildings. Some new words just like: front, again, top bottom. Teach amount concepts simply by suggesting that children set aside blocks in sets. Ask some number questions, just like how many square prevents did you use for your building, etc . Emphasize concepts about geometry and spatial sense by organising size and shape on the shelf. Encourage children to explore physical science by giving balance scales, mirrors and pipes. Broaden children's understanding of life science by adding wood animals and so children can build creature homes just like farms, zoos. Etc . Inspire learning about spots and location by taking regarding roads children are making and where they go. Display photos and help kids to figure out how you can imitate and reproduce. Enhance drama abilities by pushing children to use blocks structures as the setting to get dramatic enjoy. How do the children respond?

While i posted several pictures about different kinds of hindrances and different buildings by using these blocks, kids were therefore excited and talkative, each of them said: I have to make this one, I want to help to make that one, I would like to make 1 like that one….. etc . ” I noticed that children created different small group without any goal. They spoken like a...

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