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(Effective from your session: 2010-2011)

Uttrakhand Technical University, Dehradun


Semester-III Subject Code Subject Contact Hours periods. 3-1-0 2-0-0 3-1-0 3-1-0 3-1-0 2-0-0 002 002 002 002 002 Credit rating 4 a couple of 4 four 4 two 2 2 2 two 28

TCS-301 TCS-302 TCS-303 TEC-301 TCS-304 THU-301 PRACTICAL: PCS-302 PCS-303 PEC-350 PCS-304 PD III /GP 3 TOTAL Semester-IV Subject Code

Discrete Buildings Computer Primarily based Numerical & Statistical Methods Data Constructions Digital Consumer electronics & Design Aspect Thing Oriented Development Engineering Economics & Costing Computer Structured Numerical & Statistical Tactics Lab Info Structure Lab Digital Electronics Object focused programming employing Java/ C++ Personality Development/ General Effectiveness


Contact Hrs. 3-1-0 2-0-0 3-1-0 3-1-0 3-1-0 2-0-0 0-0-2 0-0-2 0-0-2 0-0-2 002

Credit four 2 four 4 5 2 two 2 two 2 twenty-eight

TCS-401 TCS-402 TCS-403 TCS-404 TCS-405 TCS-406 Practical PCS-402 PCS-404 PCS-405 PCS 407 PD 4 /GP 4 TOTAL

Pc Organization Unix & Cover Programming Theory Of Automata & Formal Language Database software System Processor Software Executive Unix & Shell Encoding Lab Database Management System Research laboratory Microprocessor Research laboratory Seminar Personality Development/ Standard Proficiency

Semester-III EVALUATION SYSTEM S. No . 1 a couple of TCS-302 three or more 4 five 6 THU-301 TCS-303 TEC-301 TCS-304 SUBJECT MATTER CODE SUBJECT L TEC-301 Discrete Constructions Computer Centered Numerical & Statistical Tactics Data Constructions Digital Consumer electronics & Design and style Aspect Thing Oriented Development Engineering Economics & Costing Digital Gadgets Lab Pc Based Statistical & Record Techniques Research laboratory Data Framework Lab Subject Oriented development Lab employing Java/C++ Personality Development/ Basic Proficiency Total 3 two PERIODS SESSIONAL EXAM TA 20 15 Total 40 25 100 50 one hundred and fifty 75 AQUEL Subject Total

T P CT 1 0 30 0 0 15

several 3 a few 2

one particular 0 40 1 zero 30 1 0 30 0 zero 15

20 20 twenty 10

40 50 60 25

90 100 95 50

150 150 a hundred and fifty 75


7 almost eight PCS-302 on the lookout for 10 PCS-304 11 PD III /GP III PCS-350 0 zero 0 a couple of 0 a couple of 25 25 25 25 25 25 50 60


zero 0

0 2 0 2

twenty-five 25

25 25

25 25

55 50


0 2




Semester-IV EVALUATION STRUCTURE S. Number 1 2 3 TCS-403 4 TCS-404 5 6 TCS-405 TCS-406 SUBJECT CODE SUBJECT M TCS-401 TCS-402 Computer Business UNIX & Shell Coding Theory Of Automata & Formal Vocabulary Database Management System Microprocessor Software Engineering UNIX & Shell Programming Lab Database Management Program Lab Processor Lab Seminar-I Personality Development/ General Proficiency Total three or more 2 3 PERIODS SESSIONAL EXAM KONSTRUERA 20 12 20 Total 50 twenty-five 50 75 50 90 ESE Subjec t Total 150 seventy five 150

Big t P CT 1 zero 30 0 0 12-15 1 zero 30

three or more

1 0 30





a few 2

one particular 0 40 0 0 15

20 10

60 25

90 50

a hundred and fifty 75


7 almost eight PCS-404 being unfaithful. 10 eleven PCS-405 PCS-407 PD 4 /GP IV PCS-402 0 0 zero 2 zero 2 twenty-five 25 25 25 25 25 55 50

0 0 0

0 2 0 two 0 two

25 60

25 40 50

25 -

60 50 50


TCS-301 DISCRETE CONSTRUCTIONS L Big t P three or more 1 zero Unit-I (10L) Set Theory: Definition of models, countable and uncountable units, Venn Diagrams, proofs of some basic identities upon sets Relation: Definition, types of regards, composition of relations, Pictorial representation of relation, assent relation, incomplete ordering connection. Function: Description, type of capabilities, one to 1, into and onto function, inverse function, composition of functions, recursively defined functions. Theorem demonstrating Techniques: mathematical induction (simple and strong), pigeonhole basic principle, prove by simply contradiction. Unit-II (8L) Algebraic Structures: Explanation, Properties, types: Semi Teams, Monoid, Teams, Abelian group, properties of groups, Subgroup, cyclic groupings, Cosets, factor group, Echange groups, Regular...

References: 1 . Y. -C. Liu and G. A. Gibson, " Microprocessor Buildings, Programming & Design”, PHI, 2000. Systems: The 8086/8088 family

TCS-406 SOFTWARE EXECUTIVE LTP 2 00 Unit-I: Introduction (5L) Introduction to Computer software Engineering, Application Characteristics, Computer software Crisis, Computer software Engineering Techniques, Software Advancement Life Circuit (SDLC) Designs: Water Land Model, Original Model, Spiral Model, Major Development Types, Iterative Enhancement Models. Unit-II: Software Necessity Specifications (SRS) (5L) Necessity Engineering Procedure: Elicitation, Research, Documentation, Review and Managing of Customer Needs, Feasibility Study, Data Modeling, Data Flow Layouts, Entity Relationship Diagrams, Decision Tables, SRS Document, IEEE Standards intended for SRS. Software program Quality Assurance (SQA), SEI-CMM Version. Unit-III: Software program Design (7L) Basic Notion of Software Design and style, Architectural Design, Low Level Design: Modularization, Design Structure Graphs, Pseudo Rules, Flow Graphs, Coupling and Cohesion Measures, Design Approaches: Function Oriented Design, Object Oriented Design, Top-Down and Bottom-Up Design and style. Software Way of measuring and Metrics: Various Size Oriented Procedures: Halestead's Software Science, Function Point (FP) Based Steps, Cyclomatic Difficulty Measures: Control Flow Charts. Unit-IV: Coding, Testing & Software Protection (7L) Top-Down and Bottom level –Up coding, structured encoding, Compliance with Design and Coding Requirements. Testing Aims, Unit Tests, Integration Assessment, Acceptance Tests, Regression Testing, Top-Down and Bottom-Up Screening Strategies: Test Drivers and Test Stubs, Structural Assessment (White Box Testing), Useful Testing (Black Box Testing), Corrective and Perfective Routine service, Cost of Maintenance, Software Re-Engineering, Reverse Engineering. Constructive Cost Models (COCOMO), Text Catalogs: 1 . Rajib Mall, Basic principles of Software Engineering, PHI Syndication, 3rd Model. 2 . Pankaj Jalote, Computer software Engineering, Narosa Publication, third Edition 3. K. K. Aggarwal and Yogesh Singh, Software Engineering, New Age Intercontinental Publishers, 3 rd Edition. Reference point Books: 1 ) R. S. Pressman, Application Engineering: A Practitioners Way, McGraw Hill, 6th Model. 2 . Ian Sommerville, Computer software Engineering, Addison Wesley, 9th Edition. several. Carlo Ghezzi, M. Jarayeri, D. Manodrioli, Fundamentals society Engineering, PHI Publication

PCS- 402: UNIX & Shell Programming Research laboratory

LTP 0 0 two 1 . Use Vi editor to create a file called myfile. txt that contain some text message. Correct inputting errors during creation, Save the record & Logout of the file 2 . Open up the data file created in Exp one particular, Add, Alter, delete & Save the changes 3. Utilize the cat command word to create a data file containing the following data. Call it mutable make use of tabs to separate the fields 1425 ravi 15. sixty-five, 4320 ramu 26. 28, 6830 sita 36. 15, 1450 raju 21. eighty six 4. Make use of the cat order to display the file, my table, make use of vi order to correct any kind of errors in the file, my table, make use of the sort command word to sort the record my desk according to the initial field. Call the fixed file my own table(same name) & produce the document my table 5. Make use of the cut & paste commands to change fields 2 and 3 my desk. Call it mytable(same name) & print the brand new file, my personal table 6. Use the day and whom commands in sequence? (in 1 line) such that the output of date displays on the display screen and the end result of who will be redirected to a data file called my file2. Utilize the more order to check the contents of myfile2. six. Develop an interactive grep script that asks for anything and data name and after that tells just how many lines contain that word almost eight. Write A covering script that takes a command –line debate and reviews on unique directry, a file, or something different 9. Create a shell program that accepts one or more data file name like a arguments and converts every one of them to uppercase, provided they exits in the present directory 15. Write a shell script that determines the period for which a specified user is working on the program

PCS- 404: Database Management System Lab

LTP 0 zero 2 1 . 2 . three or more. 4. your five. 6. six. 8. being unfaithful. 10. eleven. Write the questions for Info Definition and Data Manipulation Language. Compose SQL concerns using reasonable operations (=,, etc) Create SQL questions using SQL operators Publish SQL problem using figure, number, date and group functions Write SQL inquiries for relational algebra Write SQL concerns for extracting data via more than one table Write SQL queries intended for sub queries, nested questions Write program by the use of PL/SQL Concepts pertaining to ROLL BACK AGAIN, COMMIT & CHECK FACTORS Create VIEWS, CURSORS and TRGGERS & write STATEMENTS. Create VARIETIES and STUDIES

Note: 1 ) The inquiries to be implemented on DBMS using SQL 2 . Learners are advised to make use of Developer 2000/Oracle9i or other latest version for above experiments. However pupil may use Electric power Builder/SQL MACHINE or DB2.

Mini Tasks may also be prepared & carried out through out the semester to understand important principles of repository.

PCS- 405: Microprocessor Laboratory

LTP 0 0 2 1 . 2 . 3. four. 5. six. 7. almost 8. 9. 10. To study 8085 microprocessor System To study 8086 microprocessor Program To develop and run a system to find out most significant and tiniest number To build up and run a programme for converting temp from F to C degree To build up and operate a programme to compute sq root of a given number To develop and any programme intended for computing ascending/descending order of your number. To do interfacing of RAM computer chip to 8085/8086 To perform interfacing of keyboard controller To execute interfacing of DMA controller To perform interfacing of UART/USART

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