Chromatography: Mixture and Coffee Filtering

 Chromatography: Mixture and Espresso Filter Article

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Magic marker inks are often mixtures of a lot of compounds. Paper chromatography is a frequent method of separating various components of a mixture. After separation, you can observe the different hues that make up a certain color of magic marker printer ink.

Also you can calculate a ratio Rf, which examines how far each compound visited how far every single solvent (substance that dissolves another substance) traveled during the experiment.

Rf = Ds/Df

Ds sama dengan Distance traveled by the substance

Df sama dengan Distance visited by the solvent


caffeine filter, recording, rubbing alcohol, water, a few different color magic markers (not permanent); 3 the same tall, slim drinking spectacles; metric leader, 3 pencils

Pre-lab Inquiries:

1 . List one considerable and one intensive home of gun ink.

Comprehensive – quantity, Intensive – color

2 . Define combination.

Mixture – a compound made by incorporating other elements together. -- the process of blending or becoming mixed

three or more. Is plain tap water a heterogeneous or homogenous mixture? Make clear your answer.

I think that it must be heterogeneous mainly because it's certainly not pure normal water.

4. Is rubbing liquor a heterogeneous or homogenous mixture? Explain your solution.

It's a homogeneous mixture because it is a real substance.


1 ) Cut a few strips of coffee filtration. Be sure that the strips are much narrower and slightly a more elevated than the having glasses. installment payments on your In the centre the strips, about several cm in one end, place a dot with the marker being tested. The dots needs to be about zero. 2 centimeter in diameter and darker enough to become clearly noticeable. 3. Place about two cm of water in each a glass.

4. Recording the unmarked end of every strip towards the center of your pencil in order that the strip hangs down if the pencil is held flat. 5. Cautiously insert the strips in to the glasses, dotted end down. The dot must be over a water, and the sides from the coffee filters cannot...

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