Test Queries on Alice Walker's Colour Purple

 Test Questions on Alice Walker’s The colour Purple Dissertation

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The colour purple Check

1 . Name 1 Accomplishment Alice Walker features won pertaining to the color crimson.

Match the name with all the definition for the next questions:

2 . Singer who married Grady/ Celie adores a. Sofia 3. Acquired arrested; built a house maid; married to Harpo w. Harpo four. Lives in Africa/ Celie youthful sister c. Nettie your five. Writes notification to The almighty; main personality d. Shug

6. Owns a juke joint; wedded Sofia electronic. Celie several. Abusive husband f. Grady

8. Play name squeak g. Adam being unfaithful. Married to shug l. Mary Agnes 10. Child of Celie i. Samuel 11. Seamlessly puts together Nettie t. Albert

True/ False Queries

1 . Big t or F The publication was printed in 1982.

2 . T or F Albert beating Celie symbolizes his love on her. 3. Big t or Farreneheit Celie explains to the entire history.

4. To or Farreneheit Mr. ___ (Albert) is within love with Shug not really Celie.

a few. Alphonso hardly ever revealed that Celie and Nettie were NOT his biological children because: A. He did not want to hurt all of them

B. This individual thought he was indeed all their father

C. He needed their gift of money rights

G. He assured their mom he would hardly ever reveal the truth

6. Why is a street built through the Olinka town?

A. Because an English rubberized plantation is being built

M. To make it easier intended for the Olinka villagers to travel to a local city C. Because fresh government enclosure is being developed

D. For the reason that previous street was washed out in a flood

7. For what reason do Nettie and her family come back to the United State eventually of the book? A. They may be exiled by government in Africa

W. Nettie has learned about their particular inheritance

C. Nettie and Samuel feel discouraged because they have made little progress in...

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