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The entire Prologue is extremely Communist in the message. Any capitalist world would believe whoever at first owned the land will get it. Brecht instead argues that whomever can ideal use the area should get this. It is because of the Communist overtones inside the Prologue that Brecht formerly did not allow the Prologue to be printed whilst he was surviving in the United States.

Brecht has used formal, indirect terminology in the text message for instance the storyplot of the reds in order to detach the audience through the characters, in order to avoid them by becoming emotionally involved in the perform. The use of the V effect is additionally effective through this scene by using the musician which eliminates the sentiment of realistic look, making the group detached from the characters. The objective of this picture is to show the misunderstanding between your characters which in turn also attracts our attention back on society today as the proletariat are being oppressed by the bourgeoisie still in the 21st century. We showed this inside our performance if the children have practically zero say inside their own lives, for example Kelan could not carry out painting because his father wanted to him to go into the army.

Non-verbal communication.

As part of our pursuit focused we on interacting to the audience just using the body language.

Singing awareness

To aid us explore our usage of voice we all looked at picture 3 in which Grusha wanted to save herself from being caught consequently she pretended the governor's wife. Through this scene the girl was trying to find herself and Michael a location to live yet she didn't want to unless the girl pretended she was a woman of a high quality. To do this, We changed my personal accent in a posh British accent which will would normally be used simply by typical rich women. " My Persian shoes” was said in a much high manner. My own tone of voice as high pitched and I a new nasal strengthen. However when I managed to get caught and when the women discovered I was a servant my personal tone of voice and my feature because I actually couldn't guard myself within accent yet, in my own highlight I could share myself very well.. Brecht was trying to get some text across that you only had to be of a bigger class or perhaps authority in order to save yourself in society. This also takes in our attention to the turmoil of cultural class in society and exactly how it always has been and there was not really much change.

Characterisation - Roslyn

I enjoyed the part of Grusha in Field 6 ‘The Chalk Circle' and I developed my figure by visualising how I thought my persona would stand for example since Grusha is known as a servant and a lower school her again would always be bent exhibiting the audience that she is usually working and also she is functioning class. Nevertheless at this point when I performed the scene and cradled Eileen I realised I experienced emotionally mounted on the character as I felt as if I really was a mother who could reduce her child. Therefore to stop this connection and to help remind myself which i am a demonstrator of the character I used a number of rehearsal techniques which includes swapping characters for example , I actually swapped personas with Kelan when we observed that I was getting emotionally attached we all did this by content spinning around and Kelan giving me over the stick showing I had at this point become a evaluate. Also to make sure I do not get attached to the character I made another person inside my group correct me in to Grusha this meant that I used to be not playing the character yet only demonstrating. We would this for example , when Michael jordan started edges my actions into Grusha for example I used to be always bent which revealed my category and also how much work I have done seeing that Grusha is a servant.

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