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An organization is a organized coordination of any number of people and the activities to get the success of company goals through division of work, hierarchy of authority. An organization study involves the study of structure and working of the departments organizing is among the important functions of administration. All most all businesses are different but they have certain common features. All are variety of people connected together by simply formal and informal human relationships. The study is primarily aimed at the general performance of the company including the study about department. We certainly have made an intensive study upon individual departmental such as development, marketing & finance, etc . Odyssia is one of the most well-known brands among chappals. It already launched several types of footwear. You will find fashionable models for teenagers. The research was made by me during the period coming from 12st Aug 2013 to 26th August 2013 at RAPTURE INDIA FOOTCARE PVT LTD, Calicut, Kerala as well as the firm which deals with the footwear developing. They are the commanders of footwear manufacturing in South India.


* Standard study about the economical area, purchase, production, employees and marketing area of the company. * To get an overview of office of the organization. * To study the structure of the corporation.

* To examine about the down sides in an firm.

* To generate a study record about the corporation and fill in it to the university to get the part fulfillment from the requirements for the award of the Master of Business Administration.


The study was conducted in RAPTURE INDIA FOOTCARE PVT LTD, Calicut district of Kerala condition. This research which is confirmed to two weeks mainly relies on principal data accumulated from the company officials, ecuries and workers in the factory. Secondary info was likewise collected from your company and also other sources mentioned. The organization study was carried out with the reason for getting a lot of valuable useful knowledge about your day to working day activities occurred in an firm and effort to relate the theoretical reassurance that we got in the classroom towards the actual organizational scenario. It is vital for the company to know of their strength, weak spot, opportunity and threat in order to adopt fresh strategies.


The data required for the study can be obtained throughout the following techniques. Observations:

Data had been collected by simply moving around the organization and seeing every division and studying each division function. Principal sources:

Personal interview with managerial workers and personnel. Secondary sources:

Published materials



5. Time period is short.

* Complete research is not done inside the limited period of time. * Trouble meeting the officials because of the busy schedule.

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