Quick Overview of Customer Durables Market in India

 Brief Introduction to Consumer Durables Industry in India Essay


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The discipline of Value Research is very vast and one has to look into different aspects of the functioning from the company to reach any summary about the possible efficiency of the company in the market. This project is all about Equity Analysis in Chemical substance & Customer durables. In this project Chemical substance & Client durables stocks and options are examined through Critical and Complex technical analysis. This project was carried out by self-study. The real reason for choosing this kind of project is the fact it provides on the job experience with what are the results in the wall street game on a daily basis. A few value investors only check out present assets/earnings and don't place any value on long term growth. Other value buyers base tactics completely surrounding the estimation of future development and cash flows. Inspite of the different methodologies, it all returns to aiming to buy something for less than it's worth or perhaps selling anything for more than is actually worth. The project started with a quick introduction of financial markets, position of regulatory body we. e. Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), financial planning, its importance and advantages of the same, numerous investment options and quick details of these products offered by several broking houses. As this kind of project is carried out under the advice of Reliance Securities, that covers a quick introduction of Reliance Securities, vision and values of the Company, their promoters, table of administrators, management and various items offered by Dependence Securities. The project contains understanding the mannerisms of the currency markets trading then the dynamics of the Chemical & Client durables sector. Some of the players in Chemical & Client durables sector were in that case chosen for more analysis. These businesses were even more studied in greater detail with respect to their particular financials and the management's long term plans about the functioning with the company, their very own expansion plans, and various news regarding these companies and the global forays.

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The study of this kind of project is usually to carry out the comparison of the strongest and weakest points of the financial statements in the company with its peers inside the Chemical & Consumer Durables sector of India. The Project includes the examination of financial assertions of pursuing companies in Chemical & Consumer Durables Sector in India. 2. RAJESH EXPOT





The main target of this job is to understand that a proper fundamental and technical analysis of the organization minimizes the chance of losing money inside the stock market of any buyer.

1 . several. 1 MAIN OBJECTIVE

To understand the basics of Fundamental and Technical Analysis to forecast the near future stock price and financial commitment whether to obtain or keep or offer the stock of the concerned company.

1 ) 3. a couple of SECONDARY AIM

* To justify the recommendation regarding investment to a particular value. * To know the activity and performance of stocks.

2. To advise increase or perhaps decrease of investment in a particular security.


* The scope on this project is restricted to sector i. e. Chemical. This kind of project is concerned with simply two sectors of companies in the stock market. The project does not extend its scope to any different sector of companies. It is additionally limited to principles of fundamental and complex technical analysis and its software to take a conclusion of buying Chemical & Consumer durables Sector. * Also, the project is involved with only three firms among the main players in the Chemical & Consumer Durables sector i actually. e., RAJESH EXPOT, TTK PRESTIG & BLUE LEGEND L.



The research has been based on secondary info analysis. The research has been educational as it is aimed at examining the secondary info through specialized and critical analysis of...

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