Bourdieu and Becker

 Essay about Bourdieu and Becker



- the field theory (Bourdieu) and the art worlds theory (Becker) are the two theoretical frames scholars (economists, sociologists although also skill historians) generally refer -- both Bourdieu and Becker are extensively cited across the globe, even designers refer to their very own theoretical answers of the socio-economic organization for art -- the two ideas share a few common intuitions:

1 . Both theories insist upon the traditional and sociable construction of art: artwork is not really a pure and metaphysical profession, but a social activity that is seated in history installment payments on your Both suggest that artists a simple social actors are partly determined by the society by which they live

3. Equally theories are relational: installed forward that one has to understand the relations among actors to comprehend how artwork functions

some. Both argue that art can be described as more or less autonomous social space, having its individual logic (art for the art sake)

5. Equally argue that art is the place of cooperation and struggle -- but these two theories differ much when looking closely for them 1 ) Bourdieu insists more about domination and struggle; Becker on cooperation 2 . Bourdieu is more alternative than Becker, that is this individual insists even more on social determinations. Bourdieu is often incurred of determinism, while this individual criticizes Becker for deterioration social determinations. Bourdieu depends on society, and Becker individuals (holism, individualism)

3. Bourdieu insists in reproduction, Becker on alter


Interactions and cooperation


- in the origins of interactionism, the idea that we should focus on the basic cultural fact: the interaction among individuals

- this means that the social globe is built simply by individual actors - the interactionist procedure lies in 3 general principles: 1 ) A methodological realism. Sociologists tend to change abstract ideas such as interpersonal class, gender, bureaucracy… But we hardly ever meet this kind of abstracts in real life. Whatever we meet, is usually real situations in which persons act, speak, get along with the other person, fight… The interactionist sociologists think that sociology should start with (and even sometimes end at) this level of evaluation

2 . Precisely what is this fundamental basis of social life? They will begin with this kind of basic observation: actors are involved in an on-going process of testing actions, communications. This should be the basis pertaining to sociological examination

3. This very simple theory implies something very important. People interpret the proceedings, what happens to them. Interactionist sociologists try to restore the meaning celebrities give to the situations they live. This is always influenced by the context: there is a popular ad in which a guy needs a girl returning to her residence. She expects him to get a drink with her, nevertheless all this individual wants is usually to drive his car


- interactionist sociologists

-- one of the best regarded study of social realms is that Becker has dedicated to art: artwork worlds -- the fine art world principle is interesting in that that allows to consider society being a fluid, changing realm

- Becker provides this definition of a interpersonal world: " an art world designates the network of all those in whose activities, synchronised through a common knowledge of regular ways of performing things, help the production of the works that creates the social recognition of your world of art”

- an social universe is hence organized in regards to given activity. There are present an infinitude, infiniteness of cultural worlds


- a social community is different by organizations for the reason that it includes companies but as well representatives of social and micro-social worlds that are not reducible to organizations - two mechanisms plan a cultural world: the division of labor and assistance - Becker insists very much on the necessary cooperation to produce artworks, although art is normally thought of as a lonely activity. In a wide sense, trademark labor is definitely...

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