Bloom's Classical Essential Views

 Bloom’s Traditional Critical Landscapes Essay

Bloom's Vintage Critical Opinions

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Bloom's Classic Essential Views

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Bloom's Traditional Critical Landscapes

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Modified and with an Introduction simply by

Sterling teacher of the humanities Yale School

harold Bloom

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Series Introduction Launch by Harold Bloom Biography Personal robert Greene (1592) John Davies (ca. 1611) inscription (1616) William Prop " On mr. Wm. Shakespeare” (1622) Ben Jonson " For the reader” (1623) i. m. " To the memorie of m. W. Shakespeare” (1623) John Ward (1648–79) Jones Fuller (1662) John aubrey (1669–96) Nicholas rowe " Some account of the life, & c. of mister. William Shakespear” (1709) Buenos aires irving " Stratford-on-avon” (1819–20) Walter Bagehot " Shakespeare—the individual” (1853) Nathaniel hawthorne " remembrances of a Skilled Woman” (1863) John rich Green " The britain of Shakspere” (1874) a. C. Bradley " William shakespeare the man” (1904) General Francis monumentale (1598) Steve Weever " ad Gulielmum Shakespeare” (1599) leonard Digges " For the memorie in the Deceased writer maister W. Shakespeare” (1623) John heminge and holly Condell " To the Great Variety of readers” (1623) ix xi you 5 7 8 on the lookout for 9 12 11 11 12 13 14 twenty-two 25 38 44 53 87 fifth there�s 89 90 90 91



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hugh holland " Upon the lines and life in the Famous Scenicke poet, learn William Shakespeare” (1623) Bill Jonson " To the memory space of my own Beloued, the author mr. William Shakespeare” (1623) michael Drayton...

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