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This kind of assignment allows the student to apply the knowledge they may have learnt in Skill Area 508 and 509 of Business Information System. The assignment contains 3 (THREE) Tasks and must be finished individually. This assignment consists of 3 responsibilities that must be completed individually. In the first process, based on the given circumstance, students in order to construct a tall hierarchical organization chart. The second task, students are required to write a exploration on a selected organization regarding the organization's creation through the use of new-technology. The third task is the summarization of the second task applying PowerPoint demonstration. The common expertise that will be applied in this project are expanding personal overall performance, and managing task and problems.


Job 1 is about hierarchiacal organization structure and based on the given situation, students are required to construct a tall hierarchical organizational graph for the " SaveMore Department Store”. The procedure of the mall need a hundred and fifty employees to fill all of the necessary positions. The objectives of Job 1:

Create a taller branching hierarchical organization chart for " SaveMore Office Store”. It must consist of all the necessary positions needed for the department store and must have a minimum of 6 tiers and each object must have 2 or more twigs. Design the chart with a few color based upon each level and change the font style and size. This is to classify the levels from the chart that could serve the objective of systematic framework of the business. Give a quick description of every organizational position used in the chart in the same word-processed document. Publish an dissertation about why is it important for an organization to acquire organizational framework with a the least 2 paragraphs of not less than 500 words and phrases. Task one particular – Deliverables

Efficiency Chart

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Organization Position Justification

Chairman of the Board -- A plank chairman is trusted with the responsibility of chairing a board or perhaps organization. It must control the board according to the bylaws of the organization. The plank chairman must attend the board conferences and committees regularly. Since board leader, this individual is usually committed to table duties and has vast knowledge of the organization itself. Professional Officers – Executive officials directs and manages most facets of you�re able to send short-term and long-term goals, policies, types of procedures and initiatives. While they possess a vast degree of autonomy, they are immediately accountable for the company's plank of administrators and, in the event the organization is publicly traded, you�re able to send shareholders. Movie director of Manufacturing - a professional who have oversees and directs every manufacturing procedures for the corporation, and can operate a variety of industrial sectors including aerospace, electronics, pharmaceutical drug, food and medical technology. Reporting to the executive expert, a movie director of manufacturing is normally responsible for the manufacturing and production of goods resulting in huge amount of money in profits. Marketing & Sales Movie director - Grows objectives and policies pertaining to the prospective department. Plans and units directions, runs the effort of department employees towards the achievement of company goals. Accountable for profit margin and overhead costs incurred to get the department's operation. Accountable for competitive placing of the organization within the market place. Act as subject matter experts towards the executive officials and other departmental leaders upon issues in relation to sales and marketing. Economical Director -- In general, the financial movie director oversees almost all financial aspects of company strategy and is responsible for the movement of financial data to the business officer, the board and, where important, external parties such as buyers or banking institutions. Administration Movie director - generally...

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