BIOL 470 syllabus Fall season 2015

 BIOL 470 syllabus Fall 2015 Essay

BIOL 470: Biotechnology

Trainer: Dr . Chhandak Basu

Email-based: chhandak. [email protected] edu

Phone: (818) 677-4592

Office: 3220B Citrus Hall

Office hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday two to three; + Wide open door coverage Please meet before you come to my workplace:

Study course objectives:

Through this course you will learn some of the main concepts in neuro-scientific biotechnology and recombinant DNA technology which includes how microorganisms, plants and animals could be used to produce economically important compounds. The following is a list of sensitive topics to become covered. The instructor might add more topics possibly from your textbook or from the other external sources.

Tentative list of topics:

I actually. Fundamentals of Molecular Biotechnology

Chapter 1 . � The Development of Molecular Biotechnology

Chapter 2 . � DNA, RNA and Protein Synthesis

Chapter a few. � Recombinant DNA Technology

An Introduction to Microarray (Lecture notes)

Part 5. � Bioinformatics, Genomics, and Proteomics

Chapter six. � Manipulation of Gene Expression in Prokaryotes

2. Molecular Biotechnology of Microbes Systems

Chapter 11. Nucleic Acids because Therapeutic Agents

III. Molecular Biotechnology of Eukaryotic Systems

Introduction to Flower Biotechnology (Lecture notes)

Part 18. Innate Engineering of Plants: Methodology

Chapter 21 years old. Transgenic Animals

IV. Molecular Biotechnology and Society

Ethical Issues in Biotechnology (Lecture notes)

Bioinformatics and Next Generation DNA Sequencing (Lecture notes) Molecular Gun Technologies (Lecture notes)

Honest practices in laboratory exploration (Lecture notes)

Course requirements and strategies of evaluation:

Molecular Biotechnology: Rules and Applications of Recombinant GENETICS, 4th Release Author: Bernard R. Glick, Jack L. Pasternak, Cheryl L. Patten Book ISBN: 978-1-55581-498-4

Attendance: Attendance in the lecture is required. You can expect to 2 factors for each period you are late. Grading:

TESTS: There will be an overall total 4...

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